Positive Things- Day 3

Even though the Seattle Seahawks lost today (sadly), there are plenty of other positive things to go around. So, with that note, and in continuing the five-days of sharing gratitude and reflecting on positive things, here are three more positive things and experiences:

1) Yesterday, my wife Allison and I enjoyed a wonderful walk around Lake Como. While on the walk we talked more about life, dreams, and possibilities. We also imagined where we might like to be as part of our next chapter. The possibilities are exciting. (On that note, if you are looking for a couple with big dreams, goals and passion for the work of the church, non-profits and collaborative possibilities, we’re all ears.)

Some of those gathered for Tapestry
Some of those gathered for Tapestry

2) This morning, the adult choir which I am directing shared their gift of music really for the first time in worship this fall. They sang a lovely John Rutter arrangement during offering. They are a talented group of musicians and it will be fun to grow and lead the group through the fall. Hopefully they are enjoying being part of the group with me at least as half as much as I am enjoying spending time with them.

3) The biggest positive I think was the beginning of Tapestry/Tapiz. Tapestry is a bilingual mission start of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and is currently worshiping at Woodlake Lutheran Church in Richfield, Minnesota. Seminary friend Melissa Melnick is the mission developer for this ministry and she is off to a great start in my opinion. Allison and I were two of the musicians in the group for their inaugural worship, and boy was that fun! The percussionists and guitarist were great as well, and worship was meaningful and organic. All told, we had 60 people come and join for the inaugural gathering this evening for worship, dinner and fellowship. In the coming weeks and months, faith formation will also be included as the ministry grows and continues. I hope you come and check it out in the weeks ahead and invite your friends, neighbors and strangers. It’s clear to me God is up to something exciting and we’ll see where this journey goes. I believe this could well be an example of “new wine” or “learning to sing an old song in a new way.”

Those were three great positives for me. What are some positives from your day? 

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