Positive Things- Day 2

Continuing this 5-day exercise in gratitude and positivity which I began yesterday, here are three positives for today:

Sharing a wonderful Banana Split. (See the look on Allison's face. It says it all!)
Sharing a wonderful Banana Split. (See the look on Allison’s face. It says it all!)

1) Last night Allison and I met our friends Rebecca and Trip Sullivan at Izzy’s Ice-Cream. The ice-cream was amazing, as always. But even more than that, spending time with friends there and then hanging out with them and Carrie into the evening was wonderful. I’m so grateful for their friendship and for all of the stories we shared and heard yesterday, even those recounting ridiculous t-shirts and sweatshirts from past schools. (The banana split that Allison and I shared was pretty awesome too.)

2) Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful phone conversation with my mom and my sister Tamara. We talked about imaginative ideas, wondering about possibilities and the church, and lots of questions. Tamara shared some about what she is looking and hoping for as far as job opportunities. (By the way, if you are a non-profit leader in western Washington state looking for a highly motivated and amazing young adult to hire, Tamara is who you should hire.)

3) We dropped off Carrie early this morning at the airport, whom we had hosted for the past week. This is not the positive. The positive is that we got to spend an entire week with her. She is wonderful, and our time together talking, being and wondering this week was a great joy which I know Allison and I are both grateful for.

Those are three positives on my mind this morning. What are three positives you have to share today? 

I will share three more tomorrow. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Saturday!

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