Diakonia Conference Resources

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) hosted a virtual conference on Diakonia* today (June 5, 2013).  The conference included participants from around the globe (including from the Philippines, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, the United States and many other locales). For purposes of shared learning and collaboration, I wanted to catch some of the resources from today’s conference.  I have linked to a few that particularly stood out to me below and provide brief annotations.

The opening keynote address explaining the purpose and scope of the conference was presented by Martin Junge, the General Secretary of LWF.  The complete schedule is also provided to see the breadth and depth of the topic(s) explored.

I found the following of particular interest:

1) Training for Volunteers

This discussion included some reflections on how to engage and integrate volunteer work and leadership into a congregation and the church’s practice of diakonia.

2) Utilizing Communities of Practice

This discussion offered reflection and conversation on how to engage active learning and sharing resources globally to discern best practices for the work of diakonia.

3) What Makes our Diaconal Action Different

Given my prior research and current research interests, this was an engaging discussion on some of the things that differentiate the church’s work of service in comparison and contrast to other non-faith based NGOs.

4) Faith in Action

Dr. Kjell Nordstokke reflects on what the relationship between faith and service is, and how they combine to be part of the mission and work of the church.

5) Diakonia and Spirituality

This was a helpful discussion on how service and spirituality are intertwined.


If you have any interest in NGOs, the global church, and ministry and service in the world then these resources and discussions from this conference may be of interest and service for you.

Thank you to Lutheran World Relief for putting on the conference, for sharing, and creating areas for collaborative thought and work.

*Note:  For clarity purposes, diakonia is a Christian  term from Greek which encompasses the call and vocation of serving the those in need.  

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