The Future, Authenticity, and Hope

A little under 9 years ago, I visited Claremont, California for the first time.  I visited in order to see and tour the campus of Pitzer College.  I had read and heard that Pitzer might be a great fit for me as a liberal arts college with a focus on the whole person and on the person being a part of the world as a global citizen.  Pitzer accepted me, but I ultimately ended up choosing to attend Pacific Lutheran University and the rest is history.  I have no regrets about this, but in hearing this speech, I am reminded of how I was picking between some wonderful places- any of which would have been a great fit and would have opened countless doors.

I encourage you to watch this speech.  I believe that it really gets to what I feel and think about the current situation of our society and the world.  I share the speaker’s hope for the future and agree with the need for authenticity and a willingness to to risk to call things what they are, and to risk to be wrong.  What do you think?

Courtesy to Mary Hess who blogged about this video first.

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