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Stewardship, Forgiveness, and a way forward in times of Anxiety

I had the pleasure of being with the good people of Grace Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend preaching both on Saturday September 16th and Sunday September 17th, 2017. I am grateful for Pastor Eric Lesher and the stewardship team’s invitation to preach. What follows is the majority of the manuscript that I preached

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I renounce…

In baptism and the affirmation of baptism, we profess our faith together like we do most weeks in worship. But unlike our usual profession of faith, which usually involves some proclamation of a creed or statement of belief, in the baptism and affirmation of baptism liturgies, the creed is prefaced with three questions. The presiding

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Preaching on Stewardship- August 13, 2017

Every Monday I share a few tidbits, nuggets, or ideas for incorporating some stewardship themes in your preaching. This week’s stewardship nuggets based on the appointed readings by the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary are as follows: Sunday August 13, 2017: Revised Common Lectionary- Time after Pentecost 10A Lectionary 19 First Lesson: 1 Kings

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