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This Week’s Links

It’s that time again.  Time to share some stuff I have read over the past week that I think you might enjoy.  This week I offer them under the headers of leadership and collaboration, church, neighbor love, stewardship, community, and vocation. Leadership and Collaboration Dan offers a great reminder of some of Peter Drucker’s thoughts

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Guest Post- Reflections on the ELCA Churchwide Assembly

In my posts yesterday I hinted that there would be upcoming posts about recent changes in the ELCA (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). Today, I offer a guest post sharing some reflections from my brother Thomas who was a voting member at the ELCA’s Churchwide Assembly on behalf of the Southwestern Washington Synod.  Thomas is

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Diakonia Conference Resources

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) hosted a virtual conference on Diakonia* today (June 5, 2013).  The conference included participants from around the globe (including from the Philippines, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, the United States and many other locales). For purposes of shared learning and collaboration, I wanted to catch some of the resources from

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