February 21st- #Seed #lent2015

During the season of Lent, I will be sharing a short post each day as part of the Lent-Photo-a-Day Journey, providing a sort of brief reflection and witness through the journey to and through the cross, to the tomb, and out into the world.

The word designated for February 21st is “Seed.”

My sister Tamara!

I probably could have used this picture for yesterday’s photo of a “sign.” But I think it works today too. My sister Tamara who is awesome, is in this picture next to a restaurant we passed by in rural Ohio last summer. If we had not yet just had dinner somewhere else, Tamara would have received a free sandwich just out of mere coincidence.

The reason why this picture comes to mind about “seed” though is because this was on the return of Allison and I joining my parents and Grandma in picking Tamara up, and moving her back “home” after her year of service in Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC). You might remember that last spring she shared some perspectives here on the blog about her experiences.

As the year has gone since her time with LVC has ended, I have wondered (and seen actually) how some of those seeds that were planted when growing up, and then that were planted in and grew while Tamara was serving in Lutheran Volunteer Corps may be growing and leading into yet even more awesome and wonderful things.

I don’t write this just to brag about my sister, which I should do more often. I share this, because I am wondering, not only for myself but for you, what sort of seeds that you have planted or that have been planted in you are growing in new, exciting and unanticipated ways? What sort of ideas and questions are growing up inside and out of you? What seeds are you helping plant for others? 


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