The Joy of a #Child

As part of my Lenten journey this year, I will be blogging daily using the themes or words created by the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin in partnership with other ELCA synods for “Lent Photo a Day.” The word for today, March 4th, is “Child.”

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

What games did you play? What toys were your favorites? What kind of imagining did you do? What were the most fun parts of life? What did you imagine that you would be when you grew up?

Today is my godson’s birthday. And that has me thinking today about the joy of a child.

Talking to him earlier on the phone today, he sounded as excited as ever. He sounded hopeful, joyful, and just plain happy.

Our joyful godson…

Hearing his joy and talking with his parents made me so happy, and miss them all so much. But I smiled knowing that my godson was having a wonderful birthday. His joy was contagious.

Even though it’s Lent, I don’t think that means life during this season should be absent of joy.

There’s enough Lent in everyday life right now. There’s enough uncertainty with decisions being made and conspiracies being spun by leaders in government. There’s far too much hate, pain, and discrimination in this world, and lately, the sin and darkness of it has become all too real.

Yet, in the midst of this pain and hurt, God is still here. God is still for you, and for me.

I remembered that today in a new way, through hearing the voice and joy of a child over the phone, my Godson on his birthday.

Thank you Godson for that gift today. Thank you for reminding me of the joy of a child. Happy Birthday!

As we continue together our journey through Lent to the cross, join me in pondering these questions, and join the #LentPhotoaDay adventure through images and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. 


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