Money Questions from Middle Schoolers

I am in the midst of a two-week series leading my congregation’s confirmation class in thinking about money and stewardship. Part of the first session was to paint a picture about money, and some of what the Bible has to say about it. This week’s session will be more about what it means to be a steward and how that is part of our vocation as Children of God.

Last week I invited the confirmation students to write down their questions that they would like to be included some how in this week’s session. Overall, I was quite impressed by their questions and think they will serve well this week for a “Jeopardy” style introduction, and a nice way to transition into thinking about stewardship.

The questions they left me last week are:

  • How long has a dollar bill been around?
  • Why does the ink have to be green?
  • Who was money invented by?
  • What is the biggest coin?
  • Why was money created?
  • Is money a label?
  • Would you be in trouble of accepting something else rather than money?
  • How much money is enough for retirement and donations?
  • Why are some people so greedy?
  • Why are some people obsessed with money?

These questions range from the function of money to the emotion and meaning attached to it. I’m excited to continue the conversation this week. Today I put together some answers to these questions thanks to my background, and the help of Google. But without Google, what would some of your answers to some of these questions look like?

In moving on to what stewardship might mean I think I will use the first minute of this video:

It would be a helpful starting place in moving the conversation forward. It would also be helpful in answering some of the confirmation students’ questions about greed, by helping start to frame the conversation of what scarcity and abundance look like.

On a side note, ask a group of middle school students how many times Jesus talked about money in the Bible. When you ask them their answers, and then tell them how many times he actually talked about it, their jaws will likely drop. At least that was my experience last week.

What is your favorite stewardship insight? What is your biggest money or stewardship question currently?

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