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Internet1Tuesday on the blog means that I get to share links to some of what I have seen, read, and found thought provoking over the past week. To help make sense of all these different links, I have grouped them by the following topic categories are: Church and Ministry Thought & Practice; Cross-Sector Collaboration; Leadership Thought & Practice; Millennials; Neighbor Love; Social Media & Blogging; Stewardship and Vocation.


Usually, the links start right after the category list. But, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this is a special edition of the links this week. You see, this is the 100th issue of them. Over the past week I have thought about how I might celebrate this milestone, and decided to share a link to where it all started, with the first edition of the links that I shared almost exactly two years ago. The links certainly have changed and evolved since then. I’m glad I decided to start adding pictures. But most importantly I am so grateful to be able to curate and share as part of an ever-growing and deepening community of readers, thinkers, and practitioners across the different sectors of society. Thank you for reading and being part of the conversation. Thank you also to my wife Allison for always being the faithful editor of this weekly post. Now onto this week’s edition!

Church and Ministry Thought & Practice

For those of you preparing a sermon or for worship this weekend and following the Revised Common Lectionary, check out Bishop Michael Rinehart’s thoughts and reflections on “Pentecost 16B,” as well as David Lose’s take in, “Pentecost 16B: Intriguing, Elusive, Captivating, and Crucial.”

For a deeper look at this weekend’s appointed gospel text, Mark 8:27-38, read about why, “Location Matters,” from friend and professor Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis.

For those of you preparing a sermon or for worship this weekend and following the Narrative Lectionary, first review the overall “Commentary on the Overview of Year 2,” which begins in the cycle this weekend as detailed by Rev. Dr. Rolf Jacobson. Then, to focus on this week’s focus text, Genesis 2:4b-25, check out this “Commentary on Genesis 2:4b-25,” written by Roger Nam.

It seems fitting that friend, communications director, and chief motivator behind me having this blog, Carrie Gubsch would be included in this 100th edition of the links. Carrie wrote and shared about “Definitely-Abled Sunday.” Please check this out and see if you can join and participate in what is happening in Southeastern Iowa.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) shared that it “remains in ‘prayerful solidarity’ with refugees, migrants.”

Big news came this weekend in response to the refugee and humanitarian crisis, as “Pope Francis Calls on Every European Parish to Shelter Refugees.” Joshua McElwee goes into more detail on this story in The National Catholic Reporter. 

Speaking of Pope FrancisThe Millennial Journal provides more detail and a preview about his United States trip.

bishop jaech
Bishop Rick Jaech

Bishop Rick Jaech shared a monthly publication of “Moments for Mission,” from the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA. Of those noted in this month’s issue, include your humble blogger, my wife Allison, and even friend and professor Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto.

Emma Green shared a deeper look in The Atlantic at pastor and author Nadia Bolz-Weber in writing about, “Why Every Church Needs a Drag Queen.” Emma also wrote and shared about St. Lydia’s Church in Brooklyn, New York, writing about “The Secret Christians of Brooklyn.”

Three Lutheran Churches in Bellingham, Washington will be celebrating their 125th Anniversaries this coming Sunday. This story is detailed by Dean Kahn, who writes that, “Lutheran churches in Bellingham look to future with faith, questions.” As I have written and asked frequently on the blog, allow me to repeat one of my favorite questions, “What might God be up to?” And, “how are we called/being called to be part of God’s work in this new day?”

Friend, pastor, and blogger Diane Roth reflected about “The Myth of the Single Solution,” specifically thinking about ministry and the congregation.

Christina Embree shared thoughts about, “What Welcome Looks Like: What the Church Can Learn from Germany.”

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Friend, professor, and mentor Dr. Terri Elton shared about “Changing Education Paradigms,” noting that many people are currently “living in the transition from summer mode to school mode.”

I discovered this paper by David Cooperrider from 2012 on Appreciative Inquiry, “The Concentration Effect of Strengths: how the whole system ‘AI’ summit brings out the best in human enterprise.”

Nat Schooler shared and wrote, “Start with 8 questions en route to marketing success with Big Data.”

Social leadership writer and thinker Julian Stodd asked, “What’s in a name?

Leadership Thought & Practice

In a post I know my wife Allison would appreciate, Kevin Eikenberry shared about, “What Adults Can Learn from Show and Tell.

Dan Rockwell shared some thought provoking posts on leadership like always over the past week. I particularly appreciated his thoughts on “How to Spiral Up Not Down,” “5 Deadly Beliefs that Limit Leaders,” “7 Things Successful Leaders Ignore,” and “Maximize- Don’t Squander – New Talent.”

Steve Keating explained about, “Why You Need a Mentor.”

As a sports fan I was excited to see Brian Dodd’s post listing, “17 Leadership Lessons from College Football’s Opening Weekend.”

Lolly Daskal shared, “10 Smart Leadership Solutions for Every Challenge,” and “We Choose Our Leadership by how much we give.”

On this blog I shared “11 Leadership Lessons from Moving,” which I remembered or learned because of my wife’s and my recent move.

James Nicholson unpacked, “5 Leadership Challenges in Change Management.” James specifically noted: handle resistance with patience; manage conflicts; deal with setbacks; protect your team; and look ahead.

With yesterday being Labor Day in the United States, Tony Johnson noted, “3 Lessons to Learn From Labor Day” including: communicate well, train well, and appreciate well.


Jeremy Chandler, over at Thin Difference, shared and unpacked, “4 Things Millennials Should Pursue More than Success.” Jeremy specifically highlights: cultivating the habit of learning; developing a strong work ethic; leveraging the advantages of being young; and practicing intentionality. Check this out!

Chelsea Krost shared a post by Kathryn Kennedy about “How to Use Social Media to Draw Millennials to Your Brand.”

Daniel Newman asked, “Are Marketers Overhyping Millennials’ Role in the Future Economy?” What do you think?

Neighbor Love

Bishop Michael Rinehart deeply reflected on “Race and the Gospel.”

"receiving and outpouring" by Vonda Drees
“receiving and outpouring” by Vonda Drees

Friend, blogger, and artist Vonda Drees shared a number of beautiful posts over the past week. These have included: “receiving and outpouring“; “adoring a bubble“; “mystics are activists“; “encores…oh, yes!“; and “sacred spaces.”

Nancy shared about, “Why I can’t hate Kim Davis.”

Pastor and blogger Clint Schnekloth wrote and shared, “Greetings! I am a Christian and I Need You to Criminalize Me.”

Clint also shared, “An Update on the Refugee Crisis from LIRS.”

Friend, pastor, and blogger Diane Roth shared a post, “For Spencer and Caitlin, on the Occasion of their Marriage.”

Dr. Norma Cook Everist asked and pondered, “What if We Turned Things Around?

Friend, pastor, and blogger Frank Johnson shared his sermon based on Psalm 83, writing about, “Israelites, Immigrants, and the Imprecatory Psalms.”

What do you think about this? Rosie Scammell writes that Pope Francis has said that, “Gossiping is like terrorism.” In thinking about how we love (or fail to love) our neighbor, I think Pope Francis may well be right.

Friend and blogger J.W. Wartick shared some reflections about “Martin Luther on the Eighth Commandment.”

Freda Savana wrote about how “Complaints follow Lansdale church sign saying, ‘Black Lives Matter.'” If you want to know more about what I think about this, check out this sermon from earlier in the summer.

Rozella White shared, “A Word to White People.”

Friend, pastor, and blogger Aaron Fuller wrote and shared honestly, “Looking for a Third Way- Saying Goodbye to Facebook.”

Social Media & Blogging

Have you ever felt that the “trolls” were just getting in the way? Bishop Michael Rinehart writes about this and his reasoning for “Removing Comments” on his blog.

Over at Copyblogger, Katie shares and explains, “The Prepared Writer’s Process for Creating Excellent Content Everyday.”

Millennial Expert and Social Media leader, Chelsea Krost wrote and shared, “Social Media Overload? Work Smarter, Not Harder.”


Friend, blogger, and “Classy Frugalist,” Grace Duddy Pomroy shared an update that she will be on a “Hiatus” from blogging while finishing writing a book she is co-authoring with our friend and mentor, Rev. Chick Lane entitled, Embracing Stewardship.  Grace, I’m so looking forward to this book, and if you need a reader or extra editor, I would love to give it a look.

The September series on the Compass blog continued with a post by Dori Zerbe Cornelsen who shared, “Talking About Faith and Finances: a bright side and dark side.” Enjoy the Star Wars inspired thoughts and please join the conversation.


Friend and blogger Julia Nelson shared her regular dose of “Tuesday Tea Time,” to start your day today.

Friend and professor Dr. Ron Byrnes shared a reflection inspired by Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, Climbing Mount Everest.”


That concludes this edition of the links. I hope you have enjoyed them. As always, if you have particular questions or topics for me to think about on the blog, please share them. Also, if there are things you would like to see included in the links, please let me know that too. Until next time, thank you for reading and being part of the conversation. Blessings on your week! -TS

Image Credits: The Links; 100; and “receiving and outpouring.”

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