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Internet1Tuesday on the blog means that I get to share some of what I have found interesting over the past week with all of you. Because of the Independence Day holiday weekend in the United States, the links are a little later than usual today, but better late than never. To help make sense of them, they are grouped by the categories: Church and Ministry Thought & Practice; Cross-Sector Collaboration; Leadership Thought & Practice; Millennials; Neighbor Love; Social Media & Blogging; Stewardship; Vocation and Miscellaneous. I hope you enjoy these links.

Church and Ministry Thought & Practice

For those preparing for this coming weekend’s worship service and/or sermon, I have a few resources which might be helpful. First, for those of you using and following the Revised Common Lectionary, Bishop Michael Rinehart shared thoughts and reflections about “Pentecost 7B.” Additionally, friend and professor Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis shared thoughts about “Power Potentials,” and Rev. Dr. David Lose shared about “A Tale of Two Kingdoms.” Check out all of these RCL inspired reflections.

For those of you using the Narrative Lectionary, check out this commentary and introduction to the four week series on Old Testament Wisdom and Poetry, a “Commentary on Proverbs 1:1-7; 3:1-8,” by friend and professor Rev. Dr. Kathryn Schifferdecker.

Rebekah Simon-Peter asked, “Does Your Church Dream Like Jesus?

I am excited to announce and share that friend, professor and adviser Rev. Dr. Matthew Skinner has updated his website. You should definitely check it out and see what he is up to.

John Pavlovitz shared a list of “6 Ways Christians Lost This Week.”

Dani Haffernan shared news that “Transgender man, Asher O’Callaghan, (was) ordained by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

For those preparing for the ELCA Youth Gathering this month, check out this story from The Detroit News by Mark Hicks about how “Lutheran Youth Gathering will draw thousands to Detroit.” Also, Todd Buegler shared a helpful list of “10 Tips for a Great ELCA Youth Gathering.”

Bishop Michael Rinehart shared pictures from the “Installation of Pastor (and friend) Rachel Ringlaben as Mission Developer.”

Bishop Mike Rinehart also shared ideas and tips for “Recruiting Small Group Leaders.”

Church and Social Media (#ChSocM) shared a transcript of its weekly Twitter chat which last week was moderated by friend and pastor David Hansen, and included discussion and conversation about “What’s So Funny? Chatting about Humor and Faith.”

Thom Rainer shared a list of “Seven Key Reasons Your Church Attendance May be Declining.”

Looking up in awe at the National Cathedral (on one of our trips to Washington D.C.)
Looking up in awe at the National Cathedral (on one of our trips to Washington D.C.)

Pastor and blogger Erik Parker shared interesting reflections and perspectives “On Being an iPhone Pastor for a Typewriter Church.” Check this out, as there are great ministry ideas and observations, as well as those particularly about engaging Millennials among others.

Nicholas Fandos shared sobering news about the “National Cathedral’s Repair Work: Finials, Finance and Faith.”

Dr. Norma Cook Everist shared words that she had written nearly two decades ago, which are sadly still true and poignant today about “The Burning of Black Churches.”

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Linda Hernandez shared the great news about California residents and organizations stepping up (across societal sectors) in response to the epic drought writing that “California residents slash water use, exceeding all expectations.”

Niraj Chokshi shared maps and updates on “The state of broadband in the states.”

Blogger and social leadership writer and theorist Julian Stodd shared reflections about “Engagement and Silence,” with good thoughts about the importance of listening.

Shep Hyken shared some “Customer Service Lessons from Walt Disney.”

Leadership Thought & Practice

Congratulations are in order for Drucker School of Management professor Bernard Jaworski who won an award for the “most significant contribution to marketing theory.”

I came across this post from last November by Lolly Daskal explaining that “The Best Leaders are Critical Thinkers.”

Tanveer Naseer shared three ideas for “Bringing Out the Best in Those You Lead.”

Dr. Margaret Benefiel shared, “3 Leadership Lessons St. Francis Taught me from his failures.”

Dan Rockwell shared a list of “13 Challenges All Coaching-Managers Face.”

Anne Loehr wrote and provided a “Portrait of a Future Leader,” in sharing, “Welcome to the Workplace.” There is good stuff here not only within leadership, but also with implications for Millennials as well.

Jim LaDoux
Jim LaDoux

Steve Keating asked and pondered, “How Much is Your Credibility Worth?

Amy Edmondson wrote, “Get Rid of Unhealthy Competition on Your Team.”

Friend Jim LaDoux wrote that, “Moving from mediocrity to excellence requires individuals and teams to be more nimble and adaptive.” Check out more of his thoughts on “Nimble folks and agile teams,” shared by the LEAD blog.

Back in January Dorie Clark shared about “Learning How to Become a Leader.”

Richard Branson shared his “top 10 quotes on communication.”

Jesse Lyn Stoner shared a guest post by Les Hayman titled, “What I Wish I Knew as a CEO that I learned later in HR.”

Justin Irving shared about the leadership practice of “Supporting and Resourcing Followers.”

In a story that makes perfect sense to me because I take notes usually by hand, Joseph Stromberg wrote about “Why you should take notes by hand- not on a laptop.

Cynthia Bazin shared a great set of additional leadership links in “The Best of Lead with Giants- July 2015.”

Thin Difference shared a guest post by Cristian Renella about “Working Without Bosses, Meetings, or Offices.”


Jon Mertz at Thin Difference wrote and shared about, “Influence: Giving and Leading Across Generations.

Michelle Silverthorn reflected and wondered, “Will Millennial Women Seek Leadership?

Kathryn Tuggle shared, “3 Reasons Baby Boomers and Millennials Are More Alike Than Anyone Wants to Admit.” Reasons include: they both want to be heard and respected; they both want to make a difference; and they both see themselves as “rebels” and hate their stereotypes. What do you think?

In probably no surprise to many Millennials, Zoe Henry writes that “The Biggest Reason Most Americans (and especially Millennials) are Losing Sleep,” is… student debt.

Kathryn Dill shared a countdown of “The Best Cities for Millennials in 2015.”

Neighbor Love

Friend, pastor and blogger Diane Roth shared a pastoral reflection “In Memory of Jean” as well as some vocational and ministry observations and “Early Lessons.”

Friend and musician Stephanie Johnson shared about “A legacy of growth and inclusiveness.”

"look!" by Vonda Drees and inspired by a quote from Mary Oliver
“look!” by Vonda Drees and inspired by a quote from Mary Oliver

Guy Nave wrote and shared, “Charleston killings: reflections of an AME minister.”

Friend, blogger and artist Vonda Drees shared a number of beautiful posts, including: “ja ja ji ji jo jo“; “The Sacred evokes…“; “expect beauty“; “Look!“; “Jesus moments“; and “bliss-guided behavior.”

Friend and intern pastor Chris Michaelis shared his sermon that he preached this past weekend based on Ephesians 1, “In(ter)dependence.”

Pastor, blogger and writer Clint Schnekloth wrote and shared, “I do NOT pledge allegiance to ANY flag,” as well as pondering about “Why Do I Feel so Spiritually Out-of-Sync?

Friend, pastor and blogger Frank Johnson wrote and explained, “Why this pastor is FOR same-sex marriage,” and his wife and my friend and also a pastor and blogger, Katie Johnson shared, “Here We Go: My Confessions on Same-Sex Marriage.”

David Brooks wrote and shared about what he sees as “The Next Culture War.” I think Brooks is on to something here. What do you think?

Friend, pastor and blogger Aaron Fuller shared his sermon for this past weekend based on Psalm 146, “Rethinking praising God.” Aaron also shared a short time devotion, writing that “The Opposite of Fear Isn’t Love.”

Eric Worringer shared this paper by friend Dr. Deanna Thompson on, “Calling a Thing What it is: A Lutheran Approach to Whiteness.”

Scott Paeth wrote and shared about “Moltmann, Kelly Gissendaner, and the Death Penalty.”

Friend, professor and blogger Dr. Ron Byrnes writes that “We need fewer Pharisees and more calzones.” I couldn’t agree more!

Ron also shared this touching post on “How to Grieve.” Ron, you and your family are in our prayers here in Minnesota, but I am glad and happy to read your conclusion that, “‘Death,’ Rohr writes, ‘is largely a threat to those who have not yet lived their life.’ Carol Byrnes and JSwanson lived full lives. May you and I do the same.” Thank you for sharing this!

Rozella White shared, “A Word of Gratitude.”

Friend and Ph.D. student Sara Wilhelm Garbers shared a recent sermon she preached on “Living Courageously.”

Friend and program director of hunger education, Ryan Cumming, wrote and shared, “Charleston, SCOTUS and Hunger: What a Week!

Social Media & Blogging

Berne Borges shared a list of “50 Must-Read Blogs on Content Marketing, Social Media, and the Intersect of All Things Digital- Docurated.”

Birch & Raven shared reflections in “Why I Blog.”

DC at Young Adult Money shared some “Lessons Learned from 3 Years of Blogging.” Congrats on three years of the blog!


DC at Young Adult Money also shared, “5 Financial Goals Everyone Should Work Towards,” as well as this post by Erin explaining, “Why You Need More Than One Source of Income.”

Christmas in July
Christmas in July

The COMPASS blog shared its introductory post to its July theme of “Christmas in July- Gift Giving.” Check out the post and see if you might have some story or thoughts to add to the conversation and shared learning.

COMPASS also closed out its June topic focus of “Summer Fun on a Budget,” with thoughts on traveling on budget in “One For the Road,” by Amanda Garcia.

Stefanie shared a post by Jamey Hood on “How Grief Has Shattered My Budget.”


Friend, professor and mentor Dr. Terri Elton shared some thoughts and links about “Parenting College Students.” If you are a parent of college students or will be soon, you should definitely spend some time with this.

Friend and blogger Julia Nelson shared her usual weekly installments of “Tuesday Tea Time,” “Friday Favorites,” and “Sunday Snippets.

I shared some life and vocational updates and reflections in “Towards Approval (and answering a kind man’s question).”

Friends Will and Katie continued their year of adventure in traveling to “London!


Friend, math teacher and Mariners blogger Tim Chalberg shared “(Chris) Taylor Up, (Willie) Bloomquist Gone.”


That will conclude this week’s edition of the links. I hope you have enjoyed them! As always, if you have things that you would like me to include in the links, please let me know. Also, if you have a particular topic or question that you would like me to think about as the subject of a blog post, please share that as well. Until next time, thank you for reading and being part of the conversation. Blessings on your week! -TS

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