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Internet1Tuesday on the blog means that I get to share some of what I have found interesting and thought provoking over the past week with you. To make sense of all of these links I have grouped them by the following categories: Church and Ministry Thought & Practice; Cross-Sector Collaboration; Leadership Thought & Practice; Millennials; Neighbor Love; Social Media & Blogging; Stewardship; Vocation and Miscellaneous. I hope you enjoy these links!

Church and Ministry Thought & Practice

If you are preparing a sermon or for worship this coming weekend, and you follow the revised common lectionary, check out these reflections and ideas from Bishop Michael Rinehart about “Pentecost 3B,” as well as “Pentecost 3B: Preach the Truth Slant,” from Rev. Dr. David Lose.

Friend and professor Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis shared lectionary inspired reflections in “Family Matters” with last weekend in mind, and for those preparing for this coming weekend checkout Karoline’s reflections in “A Life in Parables.”

Rev. Dr. David Lose asked and pondered, “Is The Church Really in Decline?

In looking ahead to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Caryn Riswold wrote and shared (kind of tongue-in-cheek), “The Printing Press is Dead. So Buy My Luther Book on Kindle!

Here’s news and an update about progress between the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church towards full communion.

Friend, pastor and blogger Aaron Fuller shared some “Reflections on the Virginia Synod Assembly & ‘Liturgical Movements.'”

The Lutheran World Federation shared about “European Young Reformers Leading an Intergenerational Dialogue on Climate Justice,” and also about them exploring “questions of Lutheran identity.” Check this out.

Friend and pastor Erik Gronberg shared this post by Josh Cobia, “I Went to Church with Bruce Jenner and Here’s What Caitlyn Taught me about Jesus.

Here’s a nice little story by Paul Dorpat about “Seattle’s oldest Lutheran congregation.”

If you or someone you know is a musician and looking for some fun and work this summer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, check out this listing for Woodlake Lutheran‘s “Picnic Church Song-Leader.” If you are interested, there is also room for growth and expansion in this opportunity for the fall. Check it out and please share this.

Friend Beth A. Lewis asked and shared, “Where in the world is ‘flat Jesus’?

Blogger and Pastor Jan Edmiston shared a couple intriguing posts over the past week in starting a new series of posts. Jan wrote and shared that “P is for Paradigm Shift (or How to Take Somebody a Casserole in the 21st C. Church).” She continued the series in “O is for Organization.”

Friend and professor Dr. Mary Hess shared this post by Rev. Canon Frank Logue explaining some “Church Planting Myths Dispelled.”

Congratulations to Pastor Timothy Smith who was elected bishop of the ELCA North Carolina Synod.

Friend, blogger and Mennonite communications director Hannah Heinzekehr wrote and shared this great post about how “Communication: (is) more than just good grammar.”

Church and Social Media (#ChSocM) shared a transcript of its weekly chat which was moderated last week by its founder Meredith Gould, focused on “Assessing Value and Choosing Conferences.”

Lost and Found provided a lot of the music for the Extravaganza in addition to a few other great musicians. They also received the 2015 Tommy Award.
One of the many wonderful sights at the 2015 ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza.

Blogger, pastor and writer Keith Anderson shared and invited participation in “Building the #DigitalCathedral.”

Friend, professor and mentor Dr. Terri Elton shared an invitation to submit workshop proposals for the 2016 ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza. Check this out. I’m planning on submitting one. You should too. Even if you have no plan to present a workshop, definitely consider coming and participating in the Extravaganza.

Has your congregation or faith community planned to participate in “‘God’s Work. Our Hands’ Sunday“?

Friend and spiritual director, Lynn Willis shared “Tastes of Heaven- a Tour of Spiritual Practices” over on the LEAD blog.

Friend Gordon Straw shared this somewhat satirical and comical look from Anthony Sacramone towards the “Prosperity Gospel” in “If Famous Preachers Left Yelp Reviews of Lakewood Church.”

College Choice shared its “2015 Rankings of Best Christian Colleges and Universities.” Congratulations are in order for Valparaiso, ranked #1, as well as to my alma mater Pacific Lutheran University which came in at #8.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

David Lose shared some questions and “Thoughts on the Sharing Economy.”

Danny Schreiber shared some thoughts about “How to Work Faster in a Remote Team.”

Here are some “Startup lessons from Netflix.”

For all recent graduates and people considering entering the non-profit and social sector, NWB shared, “12 Pieces of Advice for folks graduating and entering the nonprofit sector.”

Blogger Julian Stodd asked and shared, “Anchored in the Past, or Invested in the Future?” Congratulations are also in order for Julian as he published his 1,000th post on his blog. Congrats Julian on your wonderful work, and here’s to a thousand more thought provoking posts and reflections.

Leadership Thought & Practice

Steve Keating reflected on “Why Communication Matters,” as well as about “When to Hold Your People to Account.”

Dan Rockwell shared a number of great leadership posts as always. I particularly appreciated his re-sharing of a post from a couple of years ago, “10 Ways to Spot Authentic Leaders.” Dan also wrote and shared a few new posts including, “15 Surprising Ways to Expand Leadership,” and a good reminder to “Don’t be Boring When You Talk about Yourself.”

Anne Loehr shared a “Spring Round-up” of four recent interviews on leadership, organizations and generational insights.

Tanveer Naseer shared, “A Lesson on Bringing Out the Best in Those You Lead.”

Over at Switch & Shift, Dick Axelrod shared some “Culture Change Tips and Traps.”

Becky Robinson curated a list of 21 wonderful links in the “June 2015 Leadership Development Carnival.” Definitely check this out for more helpful and engaging reflections and questions related to leadership.

Jan Edmiston wrote and admitted, “OK, We Need Both Leaders & Managers (but we mostly need leaders).”

My friends over at the Connective Leadership Institute shared this article by John Brandon about, “5 Widely Accepted Leadership Strategies that don’t always Work.” John particularly highlights the strategies of: being transparent; asking for feedback; leading by serving; listening to your staff; and empowering to action. What do you think?

Justin Irving shared about the leadership practice of “Creating a Place for Individuality.”

Over at Thin Difference, Molly Page shared a profile about Scott Thompson with particular reflection about “Creating Company Culture.”

Also at Thin Difference, Jon Mertz asked and reflected, “What Actions Make an Employee Activist Effective?

Jon Mertz also shared Mark Fernandes‘ thoughts about “Going Social in the C-Suite.”


Ashley Stahl wrote and shared about “Managing Millennials: Six Musts for CEOs Who Want to Get Ahead.” Six tips for CEOs that are offered in this include: keep the communication lines open; build a culture that focuses on results, not hours; don’t hide the ball when it comes to compensating your team; open your eyes to the enticement power of benefits; make sure employees understand their purpose on the team/in the company and see a future; and give your employees frequent feedback and let them know their hardwork is making a difference.

Chelsea Krost shared a post by Sarah Landrum highlighting, “12 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Money On.”

Christina Embree writes and explains that “Millennials Are Not Leaving Their Faith.”

Neighbor Love

A beautiful piece on "truth, trust and transparency..." by Vonda Drees.
A beautiful piece on “truth, trust and transparency…” by Vonda Drees.

Adam Copeland wrote and shared, “Down with unhelpful, imprecise ‘Worldview’ Talk.”

Friend, artist and blogger Vonda Drees shared a number of beautiful posts over the past week. These included: “What is your experience?“; “truth, trust, transparency…“; “matter and Spirit“; “home free!“; “love expands!“; “sunk into one moment” and “Cosmic Christ.”

News of injustice and at the very least mismanagement was released last week in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, as apparently the “Red Cross Spent Half a Billion Dollars to Build Six Homes in Haiti.”

Jan Edmiston wrote that “N is for Neighbors.”

Friend, pastor and blogger Diane Roth shared, “Between Psalm 1 and Psalm 43.”

Norma Cook Everist shared reflections and observations in “Many Men Still Fear Women with Public Power.” What do you think?

Meta Herrick Carlson shared reflections about her call and ministry in “threshold.”

Friend, blogger and intern pastor Chris Michaelis shared a number of messages and sermons that he has preached over the past year on his blog in the past week. These messages included: a sermon for Pentecost, “It All Seems A Little Far-Fetched, Don’t You Think?“; “Sibling Rivalry- or, Exactly How Big Are We Talking?“; a Maundy Thursday message, “Matters of Posture“; “It’s Not About You“; a sermon for the Baptism of Our Lord, “All in the Family“; and a Christmas season message about “Holding On to Joy.”

Chris also shared a timely reflection in “#IAmMcKinney.”

I shared a recent message on this blog based on Psalm 27 entitled, “The Dentist’s Office, a Generous Widow and a Faithful Congregation.”

Friend, pastor and Ph.D. student Amanda Brobst-Renaud shared a recent sermon about “Crazy Preachers, Stolen Trucks, and the Kingdom of God.”

Lauren Markoe shared “The ‘Splainer: Sheryl Sandberg and the Jewish way of mourning.”

In a related post, Vindu Goel shared about how “Sheryl Sandberg’s Post on Late Husband Sets Off Meditations on Grief.”

Friend and professor Dr. Mary Hess shared this post by Dr. Luke Bobo about being “Conduits of Common Grace.”

Social Media & Blogging

If you use WordPress like I do, then you’ll probably appreciate these “27 WordPress Hacks” that Kevan Lee shared.

Friend and blogger J.W. Wartick shared his version of the links with his “Really Recommended Posts.”

Jeff Goins shared some helpful tips and ideas for expanding your social media reach in writing, “Get More Followers By Breaking the Rules.

Friend, blogger and communications strategist Carrie Gubsch shared this post by Frank Passantino detailing “6 Ways to Make Social Measurable.”

I shared this post above under the church and ministry section, but this post by friend, blogger and communications director Hannah Heinzekehr is so good, it needs to be shared twice. Definitely check out how “Communication: (is) more than just good grammar.”

Congratulations to friend, professor and blogger Dr. Ron Byrnes on your blogging hitting “100k Page Views.” That’s incredibly impressive.


Stefanie O’Connell over at “The Broke and Beautiful Life” asked, “Is Financial Wellness a Choice?


Friend and blogger Julia Nelson shared her vocationally rich and regular installments of “Tuesday Tea Time,” “Friday Favorites,” and “Sunday Snippets.”

Vancouver, WA not Vancouver, BC
Check out “Rivers, Mountains, Churches and Change on the Horizon,” to understand the significance of this map.

Blogger and pastor-in-waiting Victoria wrote, “I knead a new hobby.”

My brother Thomas is back actively writing on his blog. You should check out his vocational and life reflection and updates in “A Year Ago and Today- The Start of a New Chapter.”

I also shared some life and vocational updates in “Rivers, Mountains, Churches and Change on the Horizon.”

Friend, pastor and blogger Diane Roth shared some life and vocational themed reflections in “Between.”

Have you ever wondered why names are so easy to forget (and hard to remember)? Thanks to Olga Khazan for writing and sharing.

Friend, blogger and professor Dr. Ron Byrnes wrote and shared, “If You Only Read One Book This Summer.”

Liz Linzer shared about “Why You Should Always Say ‘Hello’ In the Elevator.”


Friend and blogger Tim Chalberg didn’t hold back this past week in sharing his updates and sentiments about the Mariners’ most recent move, acquiring Mark Trumbo, and how he believes this move (among others) does nothing to help the team’s defense.


That concludes this week’s edition of the links. I hope you have enjoyed them. As always, if you have types of stories or articles to include in future editions, please let me know. Also, if you have topics, ideas or questions for future blog posts, please let me know that too. Until next time, thank you for reading and being part of the conversation. Blessings on your week! -TS

Image Credit: The Links, “truth, trust, transparency..,” and “Vancouver & Vancouver.”

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