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Internet1Tuesday on the blog (usually) means that I get to share some of what I have found interesting and thought provoking with all of you. This week I’m a day late, but better late than never. To help make sense of all the links, I have grouped them in the following categories: Church and Ministry Thought & Practice; Cross-Sector Collaboration; Leadership Thought & Practice; Millennials; Neighbor Love; Social Media & Blogging; Stewardship; Vocation and Miscellaneous. I hope you enjoy these links!


Church and Ministry Thought & Practice

If you are planning for worship or a sermon for this weekend, check out these thoughts and reflections from Bishop Michael Rinehart for “Easter 4B- Good Shepherd Sunday.”

Friend, professor and blogger Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis also shared some thoughts about this upcoming weekend’s readings, in asking, “What’s So Good About a Shepherd?Karoline also shared some reflections in “Resurrection Witnesses,” based on Luke 24:36b-48.

Church and Social Media (#ChSocM) shared a transcript of their weekly chat from last week which discussed “When Leaders or Congregations Resist Social Media Efforts.”

Pastor and blogger Jan Edmiston shared some good thoughts about “The Need to be Needed (& How It’s Hurting the Church)” and “The Whole Entitlement Thing.”

Christina Embree shared a post from the CMConnect Conference, sharing, “CMConnect- Connect, Serve, Advance!

John Meunier shared a video of the Lambeth Lectures, specifically of “Archbishop Justin Welby on evangelism and witness.”

Rev. Dr. Will Willimon reflected about “When Preaching is Out of Control.”

Friend, pastor and blogger Diane Roth shared and happily announced that, “Our Book Arrived!” This post is a nice personal introduction to a book that looks intriguging and I hope to be able to read in the not so distant future, There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen share their hard days, holy moments & the healing power of humorCheck out this post, and then check out the book.

Bonnie Kristian wrote that “America is Not the Future of the Church.” She adds that, “Statistics show that church actually isn’t dying. But it is changing.”

Blogger and pastor Nurya Love Parish shared, “Searching for Sunday, finding the Episcopal Church,” a book review of Rachel Held Evans‘ newly released book.

Friend and blogger Margaret Ellsworth shared this article by Justin R. Cannon, “Communion with creation: Holy Hikes.”

During a lunch break at ARL, Allison and I decided to make a quick tourist visit to the Bean in Chicago, since I had never seen it before.
During a lunch break at ARL, Allison and I decided to make a quick tourist visit to the Bean in Chicago, since I had never seen it before.

This past weekend I had the honor and great privilege to participate in the Academy of Religious Leadership’s (ARL) annual meeting and conference in Chicago. Later this week I will share thoughts and reflections from that experience on the blog. In the meantime, Kyle Small shared the drafted topic and focus for next year’s ARL Annual Meeting, “Engaging Sacred Texts for Leadership Formation.” Check this out and check out ARL!

The Millennial Journal shared the news that “Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, who failed to report abuse” resigned.

Friend and great Children, Youth and Family mind and director Kristin Tranby provided a recent guest column in The Stillwater Gazette, reflecting about, “Connecting generations at church.” Be sure and check out this post!

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Anne Loehr wrote and explained, “Here’s Why You Can’t Attract, Develop and Retain Female Talent.” Within this, the concept of a “second generation bias” is explained in some detail. What do you think?

Over at the Humanosphere, Tom Paulson shared that the “U.S. Congress fast-tracks free trade pact.”

Julian Stodd shared a number of thought provoking posts, ideas and reflections. He shared about “The blowing (or blurring) of boundaries,” “To Simple, Through Complexity,” “Uncommonly Global,” “The New Utility: A Story about Brand in the Social Age,” and “A Gradient of Formality.” Julian also shared and asked, “The Difference of Digital: are all Conversations Equal?”  Check out all of these great food for thought pieces.

Caroline Sheffield shared, “Three ways of doing business to change the world.” The ways lifted up in this are: sustainability, philanthropy and friendships/relationships.

If you are looking for at good TED Talk, check out this one from Anita Collins bout “How playing an instrument benefits your brain.”

Alison Lawton reflected about “What employee wellbeing means in a start-up.”

Leadership Thought & Practice

I stumbled across this post by Gwen Moran from last summer, “5 Ways to Change the way you think about negative life events.” I found this post quite helpful. The ways Gwen notes are: examine your options; embrace your truth; pay attention to your feelings; ask for help; and find a good story.

Steve Keating wrote and shared about, “The Difference Between If and How,” as well as about “Old Ears.”

Karin Hurt shared a festival of thoughts in “Spring Cleaning Our Priorities, Attitudes and Skills,” as well as “37 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Team Lacks Energy.”

Dan Rockwell, the “Leadership Freak,” shared a number of thought provoking and helpful posts this past week. These posts took up interesting topics such as, “The Most Important Leadership Idea, Today,” “There is No Halo of Exceptionality,” “The Leader You Don’t Like Doesn’t Like You Either” and “Maintaining Motivation.” Dan also shared, “5 Ways to Rise Above Self-Affirming Nonsense,” “12 Refueling Strategies that Work Today,” “How to Prepare for 7 Dangerous Failures” and “7 Ways to Reach Bull-Headed Teammates.”

Justin Irving shared, “The Web of Work: Serving and Being Served Through Work.”

Good and Big Questions
Good and Big Questions to Consider and Ask

Back in October, Bhavin Parikh and Aaron Schwartz shared “6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask during an Investor Meeting.” The questions include: When was the last time you made an investment? What is your typical bite size? What is your decision-making process? Who do you co-invest with? How does our business fit within your portfolio? And, how do you interact with founders after investing?

Speaking of entrepreneurs, here are “10 Facts about Entrepreneurs that may Surprise You.”

Tanveer Naseer shared about “How to Simplify the Way We Work.”

Jesse Lyn Stoner shared, “4 Ways Leadership Drift Can Catch You Unaware.” Jesse highlights the following ways: a huge external shift; sedated slowly; seduced by momentum; and going with the flow.

Skip Prichard shared thoughts about “12 Rules for Managing Your Employees as Real People,” as well as “5 Lessons on Innovation from Outlander’s Diana Gabaldon.”

Back in October, Matthew Gallizzi shared “The Growth Paradox For Startup CEOs (Life-Changing Growth Hack).”

Also in October, Greg McKeown shared, “Two Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning.” The questions are: Are you proud of the choices you are making at home? Are you proud of the choices you are making at work?

Bob Tiede shared a guest post by Kathy Rapp which raises, “3 Questions Leaders Should Ask Now.” The questions highlighted are: What do you tell your family or best friend about working here? Are most days glorious or is it really “just a job?” And, are we hiring retainable employees?

Jon Mertz at Thin Difference shared and unpacked, “The Self-Leadership Golden Rule and Law.” Jon also shared some reflections about “The Leadership Self-Control Rule” and “The Cost of Ineffective Self-Leadership.”


At Thin Difference, Molly Page shared about “Workplace Flexibility: From Conversation to Implementation.”

Hannah Becker wrote and shared, “Millennials: The Purpose Driven Generation.” Check out these thoughts on purpose, profession and related insights. This piece resonates well with my experience, hopes and observations for the most part. What do you think?

Emma Green shared “An Interview with the author Rachel Held Evans about her new book and searching for authenticity in the church,” asking, “Is Christianity Dark Enough for Millennials?

Pastor and blogger Erik Parker shared, “Confessions of a High Church Millennial- The Church According to ‘Friends.‘”

Friend, pastor and blogger Aaron Fuller shared this post by Aristotelis Orginos, “Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice.” Check out this post, and see what you think.

Aaron also wrote and shared, “Not all Millennials Want to Take Over the Church: A Letter to ‘Elderly’ Churches.”

Neighbor Love

Friend and ELCA World Hunger education director Ryan P. Cumming shared some thoughts, links and reflecions about “Relief.” Check this neighbor love rich resource out.

Tom Paulson at Humanosphere shared news that “Xenophobic violence flares again in South Africa.”

Robert Christian shared news from Martin Richard’s parents at the Millennial Journal, sharing that the parents hope the justice system gives “the Boston bomber life in prison, not the death penalty.”

"Invited into my story" by Vonda Drees
“Invited into the Mystery” by Vonda Drees

Friend, artist and blogger Vonda Drees shared a number of beautiful posts over the past week. These included: “may our YES be love“; “How were my conversations?“; “Oh, the comfort…“; “a sense of wonder“; “Isaiah 35:5″; “Invited into the Mystery“;  “holy, common ground“; “Where did I allow myself to receive love?“; and “oh goodness…” Be sure and check out all of these beautiful reflections!

Blogger, writer and intern pastor Eric Worringer shared powerful and important neighbor love reflections in “On Being Wrong.”

Friend and professor Dr. Mary Hess shared this “Great piece on cultural appropriation.”

Bishop Michael Rinehart writes that “This week we are all Ethiopians,” in reflecting about the “Execution of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.”

Friend and seminarian Beth Wartick shared this news about a woman in Texas who is using, “Texas’ ‘religious freedom’ law to fight $2,000 fine for feeding the homeless.” (The story was also picked up here.) Again, as I have asked in this section for weeks, how is it possible that one can be fined or imprisoned for feeding the hungry and caring for those in need? These laws and ordinances are the opposite of neighbor love. All municipalities with such ordinances truly do not know what it means to care, support and love. How is it possible that such things can be lawful and constitutional? I call for all elected officials in such places to be held accountable. I also hope that if I ever find myself in such a municipality that I would continue to serve all neighbors in need, no matter the laws that might say otherwise.

Blogger RJ Grunewald shared about “Disciple-Making in the Living Room.”

Friend, blogger and communications director Hannah Heinzekehr shared some wonderful reflections “On busyness.”

John Pavlovitz shared, “Losing My Loopholes: A Meditation on Forgiveness.”

Friend, pastor and blogger Frank Johnson shared his sermon for this past weekend based on Acts 10, “God shows no partiality, but we confuse law and Gospel.”

Have you ever wondered what’s the “Secret of a 70-year marriage?” If so, check out this story about being “a good giver-inner.

Friend, blogger and musician Stephanie Johnson wrote that “Things must change.”

"The joy of victory and the agony of defeat." #GoHawks #WeAre12
Speaking of the Seahawks, “The joy of victory and the agony of defeat.” #GoHawks #WeAre12

You had to think that eventually someone would take up the question and idea about “God and the Seattle Seahawks.” Well, apparently it happened last January and I must have missed it. So, Matthew Kaemingk and Christ  & Cascadia shared these propositions: Pete Carroll and a Theology of Fun; Pete Carroll and a Theology of Creative Competition; and Pete Carroll and a Theology of Community of Individuality.” There was also a follow-up post, which looked at, “Fan Worship: The Seahawks and Northwest Spirituality.” Check out both of these posts and see what you think.

Friend, pastor and blogger Diane Roth shared reflections about “Eating What is Set Before You.”

Karen Tatis notes that, “What the World Needs Now is Christian Feminism.”

David Brooks wrote and shared about, “The Moral Bucket List.”

Friend, pastor and blogger Jamie Brandt Brieske shared and wrote, “Jesus Loves Me,” with reflection on 1 John 3:1-7, especially.

Social Media & Blogging

Andy Ellis at Minnesota Connected shared a helpful post about “Being Kind Online: A Much Needed Change.”

Friend and blogger J.W. Wartick shared his version of the links with his “Really Recommended Posts.”

As a curator this article from last summer by Maria Konnikova on “Being a Better Online Reader” caught my eye.  In a related article, I saw this one by Molly Wood, “Making Adjustments in the Search for the Perfect Newsfeed.”

Back in October Reid Bandremer shared, “The ABCs of Content- 26 Ways to Always Be Creating.”

Last summer, Gini Dietrich shared, “21 Must Haves in Your Social Media Policy.” Definitely check this out for yourself, but also for your organization, company, congregation, etc.

Friend, blogger, social media coach and communications director Carrie Gubsch shared a couple great posts to check and keep handy, including, a “Big List of Twitter Chats for Nonprofits,” as well as “10 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy.”


Michelle at Making Sense of Cents shared a couple intriguing posts including, “Important Money Lessons my Dad taught me- Money doesn’t have to make your life miserable,” as well as a “Beginner’s Guide to Earning Passive Income.”

Friend, blogger and “Classy Frugalist,” Grace Duddy Pomroy continued her series about earning additional income with a guest blogger, Emily Joynton.

Young Adult Money shared a couple posts that got me thinking. Erin asked a life, stewardship and vocational question, “What Would You Take if Your House was on Fire?” Erin also shared, “Why Parents Should Consider Their Financial Needs First.”

Friend and blogger J.W. Wartick shared a good pause and food for thought, especially related to creation care and environmental stewardship in his “Sunday Quote!- Ecological Ignorance.”

LEAD shared and asked an important environmental stewardship question, “What kind of a world do I want to live in anyway?

Last week (4/14/15), friend and professor Rev. Dr. Kathryn Shifferdecker shared a great reflection on the “Stewardship of Creation.” (To read this post, you will need to follow the link and then on the drop-down archive email, select 4/14/15.)


Friend, blogger and ministry leader Julia Nelson shared a number of vocationally rich posts, including her usual weekly offerings of “Tuesday Tea Time,” “Friday Favorites” and “Sunday Snippits.”

Friend, blogger and communications director Hannah Heinzekehr shared a new edition of “Femonite Bites.

Eva at Teens Got Cents shared some personal reflections and thoughts about the “Strengths Finder Assessment.” What are your strengths?

Friends Katie and Will continued to detail their experiences in South Africa on their blog, writing and reflecting about, “Excrement, statues, foreigners, and riots.”


Allison and I at Disney World (2013)
Allison and I at Disney World (2013)

If you love Disney World and/or are planning to visit it in the near future, check out these “21 Disney World Hacks For Your Family’s Dream Vacation.”

Friend and professor Dr. Ron Byrnes shared some life updates, sports thoughts and more in this “Sports Report with a Touch of Mad Men.”

If you or a friend or family member uses Netflix regularly, check out this helpful list from Kristy Puchko of “The Only 15 Netflix Hacks You’ll Ever Need.”


That will conclude this week’s edition of the links. I hope you have enjoyed them! As always, if you have questions to consider or ideas for me to unpack on the blog, please let me know. Also, if you have types of things you would like to see included in future editions of the links, please let me know that too. Until next time, thank you for reading and being part of the conversation! Blessings on your week! -TS

Image Credits: The LinksBig Questions and “Invited into the Mystery.”

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