Millennial Mondays- A desire to be part of purpose-driven companies

Beginning today, I am going to try something a little new on the blog. Each Monday I am going to share one resource, link, thought or question related to Millennials. 

Millennials in the Workplace
Millennials in the Workplace

Each Tuesday I include a section on Millennial related thoughts and questions in the weekly edition of the links. In the past I have also had posts which shared thoughts and questions about Millennials related to leadership, age and even the church (more than once). So, it is within that spirit and the desire to continue and a grow a conversation that today I begin this new series. To kick it off, I am happy to share a recent post from SnackNation reflecting about Millennials in the Workplace.

SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service for offices around the country, recently shared their thoughts on “Millennials in the Workplace: Hungry for Office Perks or Something More?” They believe that millennials want to be part of purpose-driven companies that care about personal well-being and development.

Some questions for consideration: 

  1. If you are a Millennial does this resonate with you?
  2. If you are not a Millennial, but interact with Millennials as colleagues, does this seem to make sense from your experience and observation?
  3. What might the implications be of this desire across generations?
  4. Is this a Millennial value that is shared beyond just Millennials?

What do you think? For this series going forward, what questions do you have about Millennials? As Millennials, what values or ideas would you like to explore? What stories would you like to hear, share or tell? 

Image Credit: Millennials in the Workplace

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