March 11th- #Beauty #lent2015

During the season of Lent, I will be sharing a short post each day as part of the Lent-Photo-a-Day Journey, providing a sort of brief reflection and witness through the journey to and through the cross, to the tomb, and out into the world.

20150130_151328The word designated for March 11th was “Beauty.”

It’s hard to find something more beautiful in nature than Mount Rainier sparkling on a blue sky day over the Puget Sound from a ferry boat. However, when I think of beauty in my life, there is no question that I am married to someone with the most beautiful mind, beautiful heart and altogether most beautiful person I have ever known.

What makes Allison so beautiful? Her love, deep theological recognition about the significance of being a Child of God, and her genuine concern and care for building up leaders in the world and the church to help others know that they too are beloved and gifted Children of God. To me, that’s something very beautiful!

When you think of beauty, what comes to mind for you? 

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