Year-End Giving- Some Reflections about Faith and Finances

The following is an excerpt of a post that appears on the COMPASS blog

giftstocharityIn the United States many persons view December 31 as not only the end of the calendar year, but also their fiscal year due to income tax laws and other financial considerations.  It’s a common and accepted practice for people to give one more year end gift to organizations and causes they value. Some organizations and non-profits depend heavily upon these gifts to budget and plan for the year ahead. Some giving gifts look for tax benefits by giving to a cause or organization they want to financially support.

As a person of faith, my year-end gifts are part of my offering and thanks to God and a way of stewarding some of my resources to help others and to make a positive contribution and difference in the world. I usually think about three possibilities for my gifts, in no particular order: alma maters; faith communities; and with the question “Who does your heart break for?”

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Image Credit: Gifts for Charity

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