Why the Old Testament Must Not Go Away

Friends with Dr. Fretheim
From a while back, Allison and I and our friend Brigitte pictured with Dr. Fretheim

Tonight my wife Allison and I had the great pleasure to attend a lecture in the chapel at Luther Seminary. The lecture entitled, “Why the Old Testament Must Not Go Away” was given by the esteemed Dr. Walter Brueggemann, as the first annual Terence E. and Faith L. Fretheim Lecture in Biblical Theology. Dr. Fretheim was one of our absolute favorite professors that we were fortunate enough to learn from and with while at seminary. I was fortunate enough to take both my Pentateuch and Prophets classes from him.

The lecture was great, and I have included it here for you. As part of Brueggemann’s lecture, he considers the implications, importance and challenges related to “neighborliness,” very much a central theme and concern of this blog related to “neighbor love.”

Please enjoy the lecture, and thank you Luther Seminary for sharing it. If you are looking for some great quotes captured via Twitter from the speech, see what either Allison or Dr. Matt Skinner shared.

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