Positive Things- Day 5

My one and only! I am so grateful and thankful for her partnership, support, companionship, honesty, and most importantly, her love!

Today is the fifth day in a row of sharing gratitude and positive things, and thus the final day of five days sharing three positive experiences or things. Three positive things which I am grateful for today are:

1) Earlier today I shared the fifty second edition of “This Week’s Links.” That basically means that I have been sharing the links every week (but once) for a year now. When I started curating links as a regular offering on my blog I had no idea it would turn into such an enjoyed post by so many. They take some time to compile, but it’s all worth it knowing that I am helping others see and find interesting thoughts, questions and ideas. This definitely was a positive from today.

2) Another positive comes when thinking about a few friends today. First, I had a quick but wonderful conversation with a friend of mine who will be getting married next year. They asked me today to help out a bit in their wedding, and I am excited to be a part of that. I’m also excited for two other friends who will hopefully be welcoming a new member to their family in a few hours. Big, exciting and positive news all around here.

3) Finally, I have said I’m thankful for Allison before. But really, how could I not point to Allison as my last positive in this five-day series? This evening I had so much fun unwinding after a day of work by going outside and facing off against my one and only in a great tennis match. The tennis was tons of fun, and I am thankful for that. More broadly though, I am so grateful for my wife, partner, cheerleader, thinking partner and so much more.

I am glad that I decided to go through this exercise. It has helped me name some of the many things I am grateful for. What are you grateful for? What positives have you been experiencing? If you haven’t thought about this, I invite you now to spend the next five days listing three positives each day. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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