Transitions, Good-Byes, and Until We Meet Again

Katie and Will dancing down the aisle!
Katie and Will dancing down the aisle!

I haven’t written much on my blog in the past week. It’s been a bit odd, but I’ve been living in the moment, doing some wonderful work related projects, and spending time with friends. Here’s a collage of thoughts from the past few days.

1) Congratulations to my friends Katie and Will who got married over the weekend. It has been a joy to be present with you during your journey and engagement, and it was a blessing to be able to provide the music for your wedding. Blessings to you both!

2) Given news, projects, and friend’s updates of new calls and opportunities, I can’t help but revisit a post from a little while back about Transitions, Transitions, Transitions. Again, transitions aren’t always easy. In fact, I am not sure if they are ever entirely easy. But, if you can find room to “leave the door open for possibilities” a transition may really be life giving. (I have been reminding some friends of this lately, and perhaps this is a helpful reminder here.)

A bunch of seminary friends together at Will and Katie's wedding doing an epic selfie!
A bunch of seminary friends together at Will and Katie’s wedding doing an epic selfie!

3) One of the many transitions that my wife Allison and I are going through currently is seeing so many of our friends leave. We are sad to see them go and leave us geographically, but so excited for them, their families, their new congregations/organizations that they will serve, as well as the future of the church. The good-byes really started this past week, as friends Amanda and Jeremy departed for Texas. Together with friends Joe and Brianna we got them loaded up yesterday and they are now on their way. This week ahead again features more packing and moving of other seminary friends. There are sure to be more good byes and more tears. But there is also much joy and thankfulness for our friendships which will continue.

Jeremy and Amanda driving off to Texas
Jeremy and Amanda driving off to Texas

4) As with any good-bye and message of “Until we meet again,” especially among friends and seminarians, it seems important to share some kind of blessing or benediction don’t you think? So, here’s one I received during my confirmation:

“May blessings follow you through life wherever God may lead you. May love be right beside you and may joy and peace precede you. May God’s Word light your path each day, while grace and patience guide your way.”

Friends, thank you for being friends and integral parts of our lives. Thank you for being blessings to us, and we look forward to seeing the amazing things God continues to do and will do through your lives, ministry and service.

Those are some of the transitions that I’m going through. What kind of transitions and changes are you going through now? 

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