Looking forward to the Disciple Project

Next week I will be joining a number of other leaders, young leaders, ministry leaders and people discerning of all kinds for the Disciple Project in Seguin, Texas. I am greatly looking forward to this time and to connecting with many people I have met or been connected to digitally but perhaps never face-to-face before. As part of this time, I will be in the “Follow to LEAD” track, and I am looking forward to learning from and with, and thinking alongside Peggy Hahn. (See a video below from last year’s Disciple Project.)

A visual depiction of values of Koinonia from LEAD

I am also looking forward to the special emphasis on “koinonia.” It is a concept I actually have written and thought a lot about, especially as part of my seminary masters thesis. The concept has all sorts of implications for relationships, leadership, neighbor love, community and service. Needless to say, I am excited to thinking with others about this. If you have thought about this idea before, what are some of your thoughts related to koinonia? How do you explain it to others?

In looking ahead over the next week or so, I will surely blog about my experience. There may not be many posts here during the week, but you can expect some thoughts about the week upon its end. In the mean time, this also means that there might be a bit less posting next week than has become usual. I am still planning on providing some links on Tuesday, but probably less than usual. I hope you are looking forward to hearing more in the week or so ahead.

If you are going to be at Disciple Project, please let me know. I’d love to meet and talk in person. To all of you else who will be experieincing the conversation and thought through my blog, I hope you will not hesitate to join the conversation.

Image Credit: Koinonia

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