“Why Business Can be Good at Solving Social Problems”

I am an advocate for cross-sector collaboration.  In this TED Talk, Michael Porter makes the case for “Why Business Can Be Good at Solving Social Problems.”  I for one, agree with Porter.  I don’t think good work and social and societal care should be left to one sector. Rather, I think societal issues and challenges should be considered and tackled collaboratively and by all sectors- business/for profit; the “social sector” including nonprofits and NGOs; and government among many others. I also agree with him that the resources to tackle these problems largely rest with corporations.  Porter even provides a graphic to show much more resources rest within corporations to tackle societal problems then in NGOs and with government.

I want to add also that I greatly appreciate Porter’s acknowledgment that businesses don’t do this work alone.  Rather, businesses can partner with NGOs who are being very innovative, and with government entities which can provide helpful resources and incentives to tackle social problems.  Please watch the video here, and then check out a following post with a more detailed reflection on my thoughts in reaction and response to Porter’s Ted Talk.

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