This Week’s Links

It is Tuesday again.  That means its time to provide some links to things I have come across and been reading or thinking about this week.  As always, I offer these to you for your enjoyment, thought, and reflection.  This week’s categories are:  Church Stuff; Cross Sector Collaboration and Thought; Leadership; Neighbor Love; and Worship.

Church Stuff

For all people in ministry, I want to make you aware of the Network of Biblical Storytellers.  As John Epp has said, “Biblical storytelling creates community, and draws us into the deep waters of God’s Story.”  Being able to tell the story is crucial for being able to point God’s on-going work in the world and what God might be up to.

For another resource, consider the Animate Bible from Spark House.

Leadership Network had an interesting post last week, “U.S. Church Doing Better than Most Suspect.” I offer it here for your consideration. What do you think?

Leaders within the United Methodist church have been discussing and thinking about online communion.  What do you think?  What are the implications of this that come to mind for you?

Adam Copeland is back in the links this week.  He offers five great reasons for new presiding bishop, Rev. Elizabeth Eaton of the ELCA to join Twitter.  I for one, couldn’t agree with Copeland’s prayer more.

William Bradshaw reflected this past week on the concept and definition of “mainline churches” and what the future might hold for them.

Friend of this blogger, Beth Wartick, offers a helpful reminder about the idea that the church is dying. As she concludes, “The God we worship has a pretty solid record when it comes to bringing life out of death.”  Indeed!

Jake Sorenson offers reflections on camp and emerging adult faith formation.  It’s a very good read!

Cross Sector Collaboration and Thought

Amanda Varley offers thoughts on the value of cross-sector and cross-industry networking.

This could have been listed as a social media post, but I offer it here because these are great cross-sector resources for social media and particularly Twitter for NGOs.

Collaboration seems to be something sorely missing in United States leadership lately.  A TED conversation with Sally Kohn helps provide some hope about how to build a more “united” United States.


Friend of this blogger Terri Elton shares a Ted Talk and some thoughts on “Everyday leadership.”

Lolly Daskal offers tips and questions to help you find your leadership purpose.

Rhonda Hale Warren in July wrote this nice reflection on how to create your own personal board of advisors.  Mentors and advisors are crucial for growing leaders, and for leaders who want to grow. Speaking of mentors, here are a few great truths about them.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter a few years ago talked about the power of being a connector both in social media (especially Twitter) and also within the workplace. As she remarks, “circles of influence replace chains of command.” Excellent food for thought here that is just as relevant today as when she first wrote this.

As a morning person it gives me joy to see that there are great connections between being productive in the morning and being successful in general.

How is this for a title from a leadership blogpost this past summer:  “Sex, Chocolate, Honey and Organizational Culture?” Now you have to read it, don’t you?

Given the continued nature of the government shutdown, and the potential for a financial and economic collapse if the debt ceiling can’t be extended, I think its safe to question like Mike Myatt has, “A crisis of leadership- what’s next?

Joanne Lipman seems to be writing a lot of great and provocative columns lately.  She is back at it with her question, “Is Music the key to success?”  I am not sure that it is the only key, but it certainly is one of them I believe!

I sure hope leaders matter. Karen Cator offers thoughts on why they matter within education.

A key attribute in leadership, and in life is persistence.  Daniel Newman offers insights into what successful people know about persistence.

Neighbor Love

You have probably heard this before, the idea that “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Back in March, Nate Pyle offered his honest thoughts on this.  What do you think?


Last week, Luther Seminary hosted its annual “Celebration of Biblical Preaching.”  One of the workshops was run by Humble Walk.  Here are some great thoughts from that experience.

I think I will wrap it up there. As always I hope you enjoy these, and let me know if there are other things you would like for me to include, or topics which you would be interested in me exploring on this blog. Blessings on your week!

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