The rain falls & the thunder shakes

I was able to be home today worshipping at Salem Lutheran. That means that I was also able to help out a bit for worship on piano. Our organist had the idea to play and sing “God Bless America” as the postlude today acknowledging Independence Day in the United States on Tuesday. She invited me to join and help lead the song on piano while … Continue reading The rain falls & the thunder shakes

Beyond Grateful

The month of May marks one year of serving in my current call. As I think about this, there are two words that surmise how I am feeling a year in. Beyond grateful. Serving as the Nebraska Synod Director for Stewardship is a blessing. Each day is new and exciting. Each day brings new experiences, new learning, new conversations, new ideas, and new stories. Serving … Continue reading Beyond Grateful

Collaboration Ministries

I have mentioned before about how grateful I am for my family of origin. Together over the past few years, they have discerned and created a new organization called “Collaboration Ministries.” Check out the organization’s website for more on the particulars, but in the following post, I share a few things that I am particularly excited about regarding this organization’s vision, mission, and scope.  It … Continue reading Collaboration Ministries

Called Forward Together in Christ for the sake of the world

Earlier this week the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) released a 19-page “consultation paper on future directions of the ELCA,” entitled, “Called Forward Together in Christ for the sake of the world.” According to the title page, “This directions paper shares the key messages harvested through conversations across the ELCA. We invite you to comment on the directions and priorities that have emerged.” If you … Continue reading Called Forward Together in Christ for the sake of the world

The Problem with Bejeweled Butts

Those poor pews. Early on in a pastor friend of mine’s new call, she heard from a parishoner (a worshiper and congregational member) that the pews in the sanctuary were being unduly scratched and irreparably harmed. The person pointed to people wearing jeans and dress slacks with bejeweled butts as the problem. Apparently this was a major issue that was harming the church. The person … Continue reading The Problem with Bejeweled Butts