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Building on the Foundations- The 2018 Nebraska Synod Assembly

Delegates from across the Nebraska Synod gathered in Kearney, Nebraska last week, Thursday May 31st-Saturday June 2, 2018. The assembly’s theme for worship, business, and plenary sessions was, “Building on the Foundations.” To this end, congregations from across the synod were invited to decorate small blocks of wood like bricks, that together made a cross

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Grace to Us, Grace Through Us- The 2017 Nebraska Synod Assembly

The 2017 Nebraska Synod Assembly has come to a close. It was a wonderful few days in Kearney, Nebraska. We gathered around the theme, “Grace to Us, Grace Through Us.” Over the course of the three days, we prayed these words. We dug into their potential meaning, and we remembered and heard stories of God’s

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This Week’s Links

Tuesdays on the blog usually means that it is time to share some links to things that I have read and found interesting over the past week. I know I’m a day late, and that it’s Wednesday today, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. To help make sense of the links, I have grouped

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