This Week’s Links

Tuesdays on the blog usually means that it is time to share some links to things that I have read and found interesting over the past week. I know I’m a day late, and that it’s Wednesday today, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. To help make sense of the links, I have grouped them in the following categories: Church and Ministry Thought & … Continue reading This Week’s Links

Management as a Liberal Art- Moonshots

Peter F. Drucker believed that management is a liberal art.  In fact, to this end he even titled the second chapter in his famous blue covered seminal work, Management, “Management as a Social Function and Liberal Art.”  Drucker explained, “Management is thus what tradition used to call a liberal art:  ‘liberal’ because it deals with the fundamentals of knowledge, self-knowledge, wisdom and leadership; ‘art’ because it … Continue reading Management as a Liberal Art- Moonshots