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The “Yes, And” Church

There’s been a great deal of discussion over the past couple of years online, in teaching, leading, and writing, about the the distinction between a “Yes, and” and a “Yes, but,” culture and approach. This morning it hit me, that I feel called to serve a “Yes, and” Church, and not a “Yes, but” Church.

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Reconciliation and Repentance

I went to bed last night with the terrible news of yet another young black man being shot and killed by police. What made this worse was that this was basically from the neighborhood I called home for five years in Minnesota. In the following, I am sharing a post from Bishop Patricia Lull, Bishop

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Cups, Refugees, and Neighbor Love in Action

I haven’t been blogging as much as I like to lately. I think that might mean that my plate might actually be full? Well, none the less, I need to be blogging more. There has been so much to digest and confront lately. To begin this post, consider this take from another person who sums

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