Choir of the West- 90th Reunion

For three years while in college at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), I enjoyed one of the greatest gifts of this world- being a part of a fantastic choir and family of friends, musicians, and servants. This past weekend, members of the choir from its 90 years gathered for a reunion and beautiful concert. I unfortunately was unable to attend in person because of recently moving and life transitions, but I am already planning to be there for the 100th reunion in 10 years.

I am grateful today because the concert has been made available for all to see and hear. And now, without further adieu, here is the most beautiful thing you will see and hear this month:

Note: It gives me great joy to see my Mom in her era of the choir on stage, my brother in his/mine, friends, colleagues, and pastors from different generations and eras gathered together. Thank you all for sharing your gifts of music, for PLU and the legacy of the Choir of the West, and the great leadership of its many directors, but especially mine, Dr. Richard Nance. 

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