Workshop Prep Time #ext16

The theme logo for this year's Extravaganza
The theme logo for this year’s Extravaganza

Hello friends and conversation partners! As I mentioned previously, my wife Allison and I will be presenting and leading a few different workshops at the ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza in just about a week. My two workshops are in the “Tools for Leadership” category. In preparation for these workshops, I wanted to share the workshop topics and descriptions with you. Perhaps you have some creative ideas that would be good to include? Or, perhaps you have questions that come to mind related to these topics that you would like to see addressed as part of these workshops?

Workshop 1- Imagination to Initiation: Moving Brainstorming to Ministry

Having imagination in leadership and ministry is crucial. Being able to wonder, dream, and discern what God might be up to is central. But how do you move from the discernment and ideation to action? This workshop will unpack strategies for moving from heart and head to ministry in action.

Workshop 2- Equipping Volunteers: How do you not only Excite, but also Ignite?

Ministry doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it certainly doesn’t happen by just one person. This workshop will be participatory in nature, as leaders collectively share insights into ways they have found to both excite and ignite volunteers for leadership, service, and action.


One of my vocations in serving the church and larger church I believe is that of a teacher and learner. Another is as a curator and collaborator. If you have any great ideas or questions, I would appreciate you sharing them with me in the comments. If you are going to be attending the extravaganza, I hope to see you! If you have any questions related to these topics that you would like me to include or respond to in my workshops, I am particularly interested in hearing them so please let me know.

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