Come- Day 8 of Advent

During Advent this year, I will be reflecting daily using this Advent Photo Devotional. The word designated for December 6th was #Come. 

Buddy in the Manger
Buddy in the Manger

The shepherds came. The magi came. And we come to the manger. We come to see, to witness, to bow down and praise.

One of the funny traditions now in my wife’s and my family is how our cat Buddy will always end up bowing down to Jesus in the nativity scene at the bottom of our Christmas tree. It’s not so surprising though. Perhaps Buddy is coming to the manger just as we come? Perhaps we have a very theological cat? Or, perhaps he is showing his love for the Baby Jesus?

Why do you come?

“O come, little children, from cot and from hall; O come to the manger in Bethlehem stall. There meekly he lieth the heavenly child, so poor and so humble, so sweet and so mild.

The hay is His pillow, the manger His bed; the beasts stand in wonder to gaze on His head. Yet there where he lieth, so weak and so poor, come shepherds and wise men to kneel at His door.

Now ‘Glory to God’ sing the angels on high, ‘and peace upon earth’ heavenly voices reply. Then come, little children, and join in the lay that gladdened the world on that first Christmas Day.”

Source: “O Come, Little Children,” Christoph von Schmidt & J. A. P. Schulz, (Ardee Music Publishing, Inc., 1981), found in The Reader’s Digest Merry Christmas Songbook, (Pleasantville, NY: The Reader’s Digest Association, 1990), 192.

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