Why I Give

Earlier this week I shared some thoughts over on the COMPASS blog about “Why I Give.” This is part of a series of reflections and thoughts about giving inspired by the idea of “Christmas in July.”

Here’s an excerpt:

I also give because I come from a family of givers.
I also give because I come from a family of givers.

1. I give because of the Good News.

My giving is part of my response. Deep down my giving to the church and ministry is part of my joyful response to what I believe is the good news of the Gospel. My giving to causes, relief organizations, and other agencies is also part of this response. I deeply believe that I cannot earn salvation, but rather that is God’s work and has already been done for us. All I can do with that good news of love and grace is to live joyfully in response to it: sharing that good news with others, living life fully and abundantly, and giving thanks.

2. I give because there is a need.

My giving is also usually initiated by being moved to act in response to a need in the world. When I see someone hurting or not being cared for, I wonder, “What can I do to help?” If my wife and I can give a financial contribution, that is wonderful. If our budget is constrained, we can still give through volunteering and helping in other ways. (In a practical sense, this is where the idea of “Time, Talent, and Treasure” is made real through giving.)

3. I give because I want to.

There is no greater joy in life than the feeling of helping another person, or bringing a smile to someone’s face.

There’s much more! To see the full reflection, please continue reading here

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