Who is Timothy?

I am greatly humbled by this Social Leadership post by Julian Stodd. Thank you for featuring me!

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

A question i often ask myself. Most weeks on the blog, a link gets posted from Timothy’s site, linking to something i’ve written. Every week i think “that’s nice“, and go no further. There’s a broad community around the blog, providing momentum, reflection, challenge, support and ideas. It’s a broad group: doctors, directors, musicians, artists, technologists, warriors, students, professionals, poets and explorers. To name but a few. People engage for many different reasons, but for Timothy, it’s an act of curation, interpretation and sense making. Actions borne of generosity and humility and embodying what it means to be a Social Leaders in the Social Age.


So today, Timothy, the blog is for you.

I’m sat in Hutspot, Amsterdam. A collective working space that serves great coffee. Throughout the day, people come and go: students, web developers, artists. I love it: energy and a constant…

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