March 7th- #Faithful #lent2015

During the season of Lent, I will be sharing a short post each day as part of the Lent-Photo-a-Day Journey, providing a sort of brief reflection and witness through the journey to and through the cross, to the tomb, and out into the world.

My two very faithful Grandmas
My two very faithful Grandmas

The word designated for March 7th was “Faithful.”

When one of your Grandmas lives to be 90 years old, she is probably pretty faithful. The truth is, that Grandma still feels called to serve her neighbors, in their unique life situations and with their memory challenges.

I am doubly blessed though because my other Grandma, though a little younger, has been equally faithful in her life, service and faithful study.

Who in your life has been/continues to be faithful? What makes them faithful? 

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