Saturday December 6th – The Seventh Day of Advent #Journey

During the season of Advent, I am going to do something new on the blog. I am going to try my best to offer a daily reflection here as we journey through this season together. To help frame the devotions I have been using hashtags designed by a group with the Episcopalian church. For example, the hashtag assigned for today was #Journey.

Advent as a liturgical season is a journey. We journey for roughly four weeks that are, at least in the northern hemisphere, the darkest four weeks of the calendar year. These are the shortest days and the longest nights. In this way, it seems natural that this time is also a time of reflection and introspection.

Planting and Sowing Seeds of Peace
Planting and Sowing Seeds of Peace

Yesterday’s post reflected on some of what has been shaking people’s faith and sense of the world lately. Today, I think it might be helpful to elaborate on the hope of peace and restoration which Advent provides space for. One of the potential readings with the Narrative Lectionary for this weekend is Zechariah 8:3-13.

It’s comforting to hear these words, especially from verse 12, “For there shall be a sowing of peace; the vine shall yield its fruit, the ground shall give its produce, and the skies shall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things. “

This is the image of restoration, but I also believe it describes the journey and calling we are all on as servants, disciples and especially children of God. With our unique gifts, talents, strengths, circumstances and callings we are all part of God’s work in the world (whether we know that or not). To help make this sowing of peace, God uses us. Sometimes we recognize this as we journey through life. Sometimes we do not.

When I see an older adult listening to a young adult and being present with them, I see a glimpse of this peace at work. When I see a young adult sitting with an older adult, and listening and sharing openly, I see a glimpse of this as well. When I see people gather together to feed the hungry, to peacefully protest injustice in the world, and to work with congregations, legislatures, organizations and groups of people to make the world a better place, I see this peace at work.

How do you see yourself doing this work and building up the kingdom? How do you see yourself on this journey of life and faith? What are you reflecting on so far on your journey through Advent this year?

Image Credit: Sowing Seeds

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