Friday Thanksgivings

Today I’m continuing my weekly practice during November of sharing some of what I am grateful and thankful for from the past week, as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving all month.

This week, I’m thankful for so much:

1) I’m thankful for amazing conversation partners on Facebook. Earlier this week I shared an article that I had read which really did not sit well with me. That article led to a conversation (that continues today) on my Facebook page about the church, faith, millennials, cross-generations and how to be in community together. The article itself, it’s safe to say, was not well received. But the conversation that has happened on my Facebook page has given me great hope about a healthy response and a way forward.

2) In the midst of a couple weeks of bitter cold, and in most peoples’ opinions too early of a start of winter, I am thankful for the warmth of home and heat. I hope that all those who aren’t as well off, are being cared for, invited in and helped to find warmth this cold November.

Grace Duddy
Grace Duddy Pomroy

3) I am thankful for a wonderful conversation and interview with friend, classy frugalist, stewardship leader and millennial Grace Duddy Pomroy. The interview I conducted with her will be appearing on the COMPASS blog early next week just in time for Thanksgiving.

4) I am grateful and thankful for meaningful work.  Between the fun with LEAD and the Ecumenical Stewardship Center, and the congregational role I am currently serving, every day is a fun adventure but also provides opportunities to see growth and helping other people and leaders grow. That’s quite the reward and meaningful.

5) I am thankful for being a part of my alma mater’s regional alumni council, the Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) Midwest Connections Council. As part of this, I get to help to share the story about a wonderful community and school, but also to help create meaningful gatherings and connections between other alumni as well as friends of the community and prospective students. This past week we had a wonderful gathering with PLU’s president Dr. Thomas Krise, his wife Patty and Vice-President for Advancement Daniel Lee. It was an evening of wonderful conversation, as well as connection and collaboration building. I look forward to many more such gatherings and connections.

Happy Thanksgiving from our household to yours!
Happy Thanksgiving from our household to yours!

6) Finally, I am thankful for family. Every week I have said I am thankful for my wife Allison, and particularly this week for her patience in planning holidays with extended family as well as for putting up with my pesky cough. I am also thankful for our larger families, and for the excitement that Thanksgiving week brings with some of them coming to spend time with us and other family.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for this week?

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