Fretheim and Brueggemann

Earlier this week I shared Walter Brueggemann’s “Terence and Faith Fretheim Lecture,” entitled “Why the Old Testament Must Not Go Away.” The next day, Luther Seminary hosted a few other related events that I think are definitely worth sharing as well.

First, here is a video of Walter Brueggemann discussing preaching on the Old Testament.

Second, in chapel that morning at Luther Seminary, Terry Fretheim preached the sermon, which included tons of richness reflecting on Ezekiel, “Calvary,” and the roles of pastors and faith leaders.

Finally, following chapel, Mark Throntveit moderated a conversation between Terry Fretheim and Walter Brueggemann regarding the Old Testament.

I hope you enjoy these videos and find them thought provoking for your work, ministry and daily life. Thank you again to Luther Seminary for sharing these wonderfully rich gifts.

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