The Excitement of Newness

The very kind greeting I found in my new office.
The kind greeting I found in my new office.

This week I started a new interim role in a local congregation. The plan is that I will be serving as its Interim Worship and Music Director through the end of the calendar year. I am excited about this. It’s a new opportunity and it means that I will be working with a fun, creative and energetic team doing great work as part of a congregation’s redevelopment. The congregation is also part of and helping host a new mission start as well. In this, there is newness.

There is also the fact that this means that I will have a new desk to call my own in a congregation. But even more than that, this will actually be the first legitimate office I have ever had away from my residence. Up to this point, my office has always either doubled as my dining room table or been the mobile version seen in my backpack or briefcase. It’s kind of exciting to think about the possibilities.

Theologically, I am excited about what this congregation is part of and to be a part of its current work as it discerns and lives out and into its understandings and response to the Gospel.

In terms of leadership, I am excited to help grow other leaders and to help build connections, partnerships and collaboration among people, teams, ministry areas and other groups.

I’m also excited because this role will still allow me the time to work as part of other creative teams, projects and opportunities which I am part of. Particularly, these are currently LEAD and the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. It’s exciting to think and witness all of the creative things and important needs that LEAD is working to respond to, providing the church (in its many forms) ways to grow leadership in holistic ways. It’s exciting to be doing more with stewardship and thinking about finances and giving with young adults for the Ecumenical Stewardship Center and its related COMPASS initiative. These projects and roles are all life giving and easily related for me.

We’ll see if they are long-term or short-term roles as the work progresses.  Either way, these roles have and will continue to shape many of the questions I ponder here on the blog. They will keep this fresh and help us continue our conversation together. I am looking forward to that as well and I hope you are too.

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