Four Amazing Years …

Happy Father's Day- especially to all of the Dad's in this amazing family!
Our family gathered, four years ago today

I know and deeply believe that even in the midst of life’s circling and sometimes chaotic uncertainty, it’s important to remember how blessed we are. Today, is one of those days for me.

Four years ago today, Allison and I shared our vows and exchanged rings in front of a few hundred of our family and friends. On this day, we got married in my home church and were blessed to have so many people join us to help celebrate.

Since then, Allison and I have done a lot!

We moved to Minnesota. We both earned a masters degree from a theological school. We have both worked in congregational settings and done other projects with other groups, start-ups, non-profits, congregations, blogs, etc. We have traveled together through 30 states (we haven’t gone out of the country, but that will happen soon I’m sure because we love to travel and experience new places and new cultures). We have built communities in settings we never envisioned that we would be a part of.

A gathering of Millennials, at least according to their birth Generation
Some of the community we have built

All the while, our love for each other has grown and deepened. We have worked to grow our relationship so that we are each other’s best cheerleader and teammate. Some days are easier than others. If anyone has told you that life and marriage are easy, they are lying. To have a healthy marriage I believe takes hard (but good) work and intentionality. It requires each other to talk and communicate openly. It requires trust and honesty. It requires a deep sense of love, compassion and grace for one another. Arguments and disagreements will happen. The question is, how do you work through those disagreements and grow? At least that has seemed to be my experience so far.

Exchanging rings, with our uncles presiding/watching on

Allison has helped me learn so much more about myself and grow to be who I am in the past four years. I have grown in ways I never even considered before falling in love with her. She has helped me grow as a leader, but most importantly reminded me that I am a loved Child of God who has been created and continues to be called to ventures sometimes unknown. We’re in this journey together, and on this day, I certainly remember and give thanks for that.

Four years ago I said these vows, and I hope they are as true today as they were then:

“Allison, I give myself to you. Each and every morning I promise to wake you up gently; and always I promise to be faithful and honest with you. I promise to respect and trust you; to help and care for you; and to forgive and strengthen you. I promise to share my life with you, so that together we may serve God and others as long as we both shall live. These things I promise with all my heart.”

Happy Anniversary Allison! I am blessed, grateful and thankful for you and to be able to call you my “one and only.”

Love, Timothy.

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