So far at Disciple Project…

Of the many great quotes I have heard this week, this one stands out.
Of the many great quotes I have heard this week, this one stands out: “The best leader walks with their people and group.” – Peggy Hahn

Last week I mentioned that I would be attending the Disciple Project this week. Well, as we are slightly over half way through the week, I thought I might recap how it has gone.  In one word, its been awesome! I am so glad I am here. The connections, friends and relationships I have made and will continue to make this week make this invaluable alone. But there has been so much more.

1) I have taken 24 pages of notes over 2.5 days. That’s pretty impressive, even for me and being a normal note taker.

2) I have met a number of people in person whom I have either followed or friended through social media channels over the past couple of years. It’s great to put a face to these wonderful people and beautiful minds.

3) Texas Lutheran University (TLU) has a beautiful campus. I have to admit that. Though, I also have to sa that I honestly don’t think it compares to Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). Granted, I am biased though. : ) But, one thing PLU has that TLU never will, is a view of a mountain, Mount Rainier. Because of that alone, sorry TLU.

4) It’s been so invigorating to hear from leaders of all ages (especially 8th grade on up) about ministry and ministry projects they are leading/serving and ones that they will be serving. There is so much innovation and entrepreneurship going on among these leaders, I think Peter Drucker would be proud. I’ve shared some of my perspectives and thoughts, but also been soaking in some of the collective and gathered wisdom from the host of leaders and larger group.

There has been a whole load of other things I want to share and will, but not today. I want to be completely present, so for now this will have to suffice. How is your week going?

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