Happy Father’s Day!

To all fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate, let me share a video that has gone viral.

As for myself, today I give thanks especially for my dad, my father-in-law, and my grandpas.

Mom and Dad and me on Easter Sunday by the baptismal font
Mom and Dad and me on Easter Sunday by the baptismal font

My Dad has always been there, and continues to be there. He was a connective leader before Jean Lipman-Blumen had come up with the term. He was exhibiting characteristics of millennial leadership before the concept of millennials had even been imagined. More than that though, Dad has always been present.  Many people with his position and opportunities have made choices based on their career and vocations that would have placed family second. Dad, never did this. Family always has and always will come first. Growing up, he always found time to be there for concerts, awards, presentations, etc.

My parents and my wife and I upon graduating from Luther Seminary (May 2012)
My parents, Allison and I upon graduating from Luther Seminary (May 2012)

More importantly though, Dad was there, no matter the time of day to help discuss questions about homework and life, and to teach me and play catch. Playing catch for hours on end growing up, I don’t even know where to start to talk about how many life and vocatonal related converstions happened during a good evening of catch. Those conversations also featured chats about the Mariners and other sports teams and stories, naturally of course.

Dad continues to be the most encouraging person who is there, near or far, pushing me to continue to learn, to discern, and to never give up or settle. When I might have a little doubt creep in about myself, Dad is the first person to stop me from giving into that doubt. For the longest time, we have kind of joked about who (he or me) would be the first to get their Ph.D. in our family. Now, I wonder if it might be my sister Tamara? We’ll see. Needless to say, I could go on and on. Dad has taught me- both through learning and sharing of resources and just through the way he lives life, what leadership and love look like. My dad along with my mom, modeled and showed me what it means to be called and be serving vocations before I ever thought about college and was so immersed the whole concept of vocation while in college. He lives that understanding, and to be honest, I think that has really rubbed off on me and I am grateful for that. I can imagine that some fathers might get antsy and worried if their children weren’t fully employed. My Dad has never felt like that, he has loved me every step of the way and I know he will love me every step of the way. That’s just who he is, and I am so lucky and blessed because of that.

My Dad and my Father-in-Law at our wedding reception
My Dad and my Father-in-Law at our wedding reception

I am also grateful for my father-in-law, Rob. He has welcomed me into the family in such a loving and supportive way. As it is with all families, I presume, it took awhile to get to know my in-laws and to understand them, but Rob always welcomed me. When he noticed early on that I might not be sure what was happening with some of Allison’s family he would help me with the back story. He really got that I am a ‘learner’ and that it’s important for me in terms of life and relationships to understand and appreciate my family. Certainly, I am grateful for Rob for raising and having such a wonderful daughter. I hope that he loves having two sons-in-laws now, and I can’t imagine what life must have been like when Allison and her sister were growing up, with him in the house being the only guy. (Seems kind of scary to me. How about you?)

My Grandpa S. (back) and Grandpa T. (front)

I am thankful for my grandpas and have written about them before. I am also grateful this Father’s Day for Grandpa Bob. Grandpa Bob, Allison’s grandpa on her dad’s side, is our lone living grandfather. When he found out that I would be entering the family, Grandma Joanne and him welcomed me as a grandson. I have loved hearing his stories, seeing him play softball, and through him being reminded of my own grandpas, who all were wonderful fathers in their own way.

I am thankful for all of my uncles, for the lessons they have taught me and for their love!

Without the love and support of others, in my case- dads, grandpas, etc., I would not be who I am, and you probably would not be who you are. So, because of this, let me say to all of you who are dads, may be dads in the future, or who may not technically be dads (or never be dads) but love and support others like a dad loves, Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day- especially to all of the Dad's in this amazing family!
Happy Father’s Day- especially to all of the Dad’s in this amazing family!

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