In Response: A Four Letter Word

Earlier today I shared some thoughts about guns and gun culture. My wife Allison Siburg looked at yesterday’s tragedy in a different light, and her words of love and hope are important to hear and share.

Please read this post by Allison, its an important message and one I wholeheartedly agree with.

Allison Siburg

Yesterday there was a shooting at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). It’s a campus that sits in the fun and quirky neighborhood of Queen Anne Hill just a stone’s throw away from downtown. American gun violence again came to the surface and this time it was a little too close to home.

From a summer 2011 visit to the Seattle area From a summer visit to family in the Seattle area

There are a few four letter words that I’m sure have slipped out of people’s mouths in response to this incident. Yesterday as I learned about the shootings I was tempted to blurt one out myself as we called Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, cousins. They’re all safe, but as the dust settles from the incident, there’s only one four letter word that’s stubbornly stuck in my heart:


As a born and raised Northwesterner who never thought gun violence would strike a Pacific Northwest college (much like my alma…

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