Thank You to Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis

Last month, Dan Lewis, anchor at KOMO TV in Seattle, announced that he would be retiring from the anchor desk in about a month’s time. Unfortunately, that day has come today.

Dan Lewis KOMO has literally been the anchor at KOMO in Seattle my entire life. I grew up watching the news, learning and listening to him and Kathi Goertzen KOMO, as well as Steve Pool and Eric Johnson.

Dan, thank you for your authenticity, dedication, honesty, presence, and way to really bring and share the life of the story and the news. Thankfully for us you will still be providing special reports and other things like that, but you will most definitely be missed behind the anchor’s desk.

As you enter this new chapter, know that you have my deepest gratitude and appreciation. You never hid your emotion, you were honest, and because of that it was easy for my family to invite you into our home each evening and hear about what was going on in the Northwest and around the world. The way you dedicated yourself to always doing a good job at what you did has inspired me to live most fully into my own vocations and callings.

Thank you for everything!

KOMO’s farewell to Dan Lewis after 27 years

Image Credit: Dan Lewis

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