Back from Sabbatical

This past month I have taken some time for myself.  I spent a month away from my job in a congregation to do some personal discernment and reflection.  I also took some time away from other things, like blogging.  I did so to clear my head and to simply “just be.”  I have to say that I learned a lot about myself, and remembered some things that I had forgotten.  For instance, I remember now how much I really love long road trips.  Quite simply, I love to travel! I love to experience other cultures and to see new sights.  Somewhere along the line in the last couple years, I had forgotten this.

I also seemed to recapture some of the fire and passion that I have somehow suppressed recently.  I comment on this because you may notice a slight change in tone on some future topics.  I am preaching this coming Sunday, and if the sermon turns out how I think it might, you might sense a little about what I am talking about here.  (I promise to post the sermon after Sunday on this blog as well).

Part of what I also confirmed about myself is that I really had become too fragmented.  I have been doing too many different things without enough energy, overlap and connection. I vow to change this, though I am not sure exactly what this means yet.

As this continual discovery process goes, I will blog about whatever insights I might have.  I trust that your summer has been one of renewal and rediscovery, as mine has been.  I look forward to continuing our conversations about leadership, management, non-profit/social sector topics, stewardship, the church, neighbor love, and everything in between.  If you have particular topics that you would love to see explored here on the blog, please let me know by leaving a comment or message.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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