This Week’s Links

Tuesday on the blog means that it is time to share some links to things that I have read and found interesting over the past week. To help make sense of the links, I have grouped them in the following categories: Church and Ministry Thought & Practice; Millennials; Neighbor Love; Stewardship; and Miscellaneous. I hope you enjoy this edition of the links. Church and Ministry … Continue reading This Week’s Links

Affirmation in Leadership

In my relatively young life I have been lucky enough to have many amazing mentors, leaders, supervisors, and collaborators. They have all been different, but one common trait that the best ones have had is that they are great at giving affirmation. This affirmation has looked different depending on the person, context, and experience. Some of the ways that I have seen and experienced it … Continue reading Affirmation in Leadership

Mentoring and Legacy

Last week Barbara Walters was rightfully celebrated leading up to her retirement from active time in front of the camera. She may well still do an occasional interview and special when called upon by ABC, but she has entered retirement for the time being. A number of stories, images, ideas, challenges, etc., came up as she reminisced and was celebrated. The one I want to … Continue reading Mentoring and Legacy