Holy Waiting and Remembering on Holy Saturday

On this day, the in-between space between the cross and tomb of Good Friday and the discovery of an empty tomb, as death became life on Easter, we sit like the first witnesses to the resurrection. We wait. We remember. We pray. We lament. We hope. We watch. And we wait some more. Continue reading Holy Waiting and Remembering on Holy Saturday

Butterflies, Cornucopia, and Gratitude

It’s early Sunday morning. Lately this means I would be getting ready to hit the road, or getting ready to preach later this morning. I was planning to be waking up on the Panhandle out in Western Nebraska this morning. But for the first time in two and a half years, my preaching and visit plans were thwarted by the weather. Pastor Rich Sheridan and … Continue reading Butterflies, Cornucopia, and Gratitude

Preaching on Stewardship- June 25, 2017

Every Monday I share a few tidbits, nuggets, or ideas for incorporating some stewardship themes in your preaching this week based on the appointed readings by the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary. Here are some longer than usual stewardship nuggets for this coming weekend. Sunday June 25, 2017: Revised Common Lectionary- Time after Pentecost 3A Lectionary 12 First Lesson: Jeremiah 20:7-13 Psalm 69:7-10 [11-15] … Continue reading Preaching on Stewardship- June 25, 2017

Great Aunt Sophie

My Great Aunt Sophie Ommedal passed away earlier this week at the impressive age of 100. Sophie had just celebrated her birthday a week and a half earlier. Sophie was impressive, to say the least. She graduated valedictorian, one of many in her extended family. She served as an organist and church musician, also one of many in her extended family. She lived the longest … Continue reading Great Aunt Sophie


The following is a reflection that I shared in worship on Wednesday December 14th at Salem Lutheran Church in Fontanelle, Nebraska as part of the congregation’s mid-week Advent worship series on “Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.” The focus passage for the evening was Luke 1:47-55.  The beautiful words of Mary’s Magnificat ring in our ears. Perhaps the song we’ve been singing on Sundays during offering … Continue reading Joy

Branch- Day 11 of Advent

During Advent this year, I will be reflecting daily using this Advent Photo Devotional. The word designated for December 9th was #Branch. Admittedly, I am a couple days behind, but I am trying to catch up on the series.  The Gospel of Matthew begins by spending 17 verses explaining the genealogy of Jesus, laying out the branch and family tree of which Jesus comes. It’s … Continue reading Branch- Day 11 of Advent