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Preaching on Stewardship- August 13, 2017

Every Monday I share a few tidbits, nuggets, or ideas for incorporating some stewardship themes in your preaching. This week’s stewardship nuggets based on the appointed readings by the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary are as follows: Sunday August 13, 2017: Revised Common Lectionary- Time after Pentecost 10A Lectionary 19 First Lesson: 1 Kings

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Promise and Doubt – Days 13 and 14 of Advent

During Advent this year, I will be reflecting daily using this Advent Photo Devotional. The word designated for yesterday, December 11th was #Promise, and the word for today, December 12th is #Doubt.  I am going to do something a little out of the norm with this post. I am going to give you a two-for-one,

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