Preaching on Stewardship- October 14, 2018

Happy Monday! Every Monday I share a few tidbits, nuggets, or ideas for incorporating some stewardship themes in your preaching. This week’s stewardship nuggets based on the appointed readings by the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary are as follows: Sunday October 14, 2018: Revised Common Lectionary- The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost (Time after Pentecost- Lectionary 28- Year B) First Lesson: Amos 5:6-7, 10-15 Psalm … Continue reading Preaching on Stewardship- October 14, 2018

Affirmation in Leadership

In my relatively young life I have been lucky enough to have many amazing mentors, leaders, supervisors, and collaborators. They have all been different, but one common trait that the best ones have had is that they are great at giving affirmation. This affirmation has looked different depending on the person, context, and experience. Some of the ways that I have seen and experienced it … Continue reading Affirmation in Leadership

Lessons in Lay Leadership- in memory of Sheryl Jacobson

In the work and ministry I do, cultivating volunteer or lay leadership is a must. This is a reality for working in congregations, community groups, faith communities, nonprofits, and I suspect schools too, to name a few. In the past I have written and shared some lessons about lay leadership. Today, however, I want to share some lessons in lay leadership that I learned from … Continue reading Lessons in Lay Leadership- in memory of Sheryl Jacobson