Month: September 2013

Neighbor love in light of the past week’s events

I enter into this post, deeply aware of how divisive this might be.  I shake a little at the thought of this, but deep down I know I must write.  A week and a half ago, perhaps more than at any other time in recent years, I felt convicted (and really, I still do given

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The Implications of “All are Welcome”

Recently, I had the privilege of having a Facebook conversation with a pastor friend.  He was openly wondering questions about welcome and what that really means after having read Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Pastrix. I think my pastor friend unwittingly gave me the start of a series of blog posts, so we’ll see where this conversation takes us.

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This Week’s Links

It’s that time again.  Time to share some stuff I have read over the past week that I think you might enjoy.  This week I offer them under the headers of leadership and collaboration, church, neighbor love, stewardship, community, and vocation. Leadership and Collaboration Dan offers a great reminder of some of Peter Drucker’s thoughts

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