Month: April 2013

“From Assuming the Goods to Delivering the Goods”

Continuing in my series of reflections from reading Anthony B. Robinson’s Transforming Congregational Culture, today we turn to chapter four which he titles, “From Assuming the Goods to Delivering the Goods, Part One:  Worship.”  This chapter offers some thoughts, perspectives, challenges, and questions around what is worship. Robinson makes a number of assertions in this chapter

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“The Challenge We Face, Part I”

I have decided to pick up and read a decade old book, Transforming Congregational Culture, by Anthony B. Robinson.*  As I move through this book, I intend to write a few posts along the way about either quotes that resonate with me, or about pieces I see that have especially changed (good or bad) since Robinson wrote

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Revisiting Multi-Layered Leadership

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about “multi-layered leadership.” Given the transition the congregation I am employed at is in, I thought it might be worth another look. Reading this 2002 article, “Multi-Layered Leadership:  The Christian Leader as Builder, Shepherd, and Gardener,” almost convinces me that its author must have been in conversation

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